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Bell peppers stew (Shakshuka)

A perfect Summer dish, this (vegan) stew is a mixture of bell peppers, tomatoes and garlic, all pan-fried in olive oil. It is served at room temperature and eaten with pita bread. It is considered an appetizer (mukkabalate).  INGREDIENTS: 4 to 6 servings 1/2 cup olive oil 3 bell peppers, one of each color or […]

Oatmeal stew (Shoofan wlahmeh)

Maybe you share my love for old books, especially cookbooks. One of my favorite places to spend a Saturday afternoon is this giant used bookstore in Dallas with every book imaginable under the sun (and a huge cooking and art section); it also has the required coffee shop inside, lots of seating and a casual […]

Green beans stew (Yakhnet loobieh)

  I have adopted my friend’s Kerene expression “it is a no-brainer!”; well, this stew and all its cousins in the Lebanese kitchen, are a no-brainer. Grab 1/2 pound of stew meat, (a few bones  as well if your butcher will part with them), a vegetable, fresh or frozen, and a pound of tomatoes fresh […]

Kafta stew

 Today, thousands of people from 104 countries took part in the Beirut Marathon, a fantastic and uplifting event.  In preparing this dish, there are shortcuts; getting frozen meatballs, for one; or making them in advance; ditto for the potatoes. The rice and vermicelli pilaf is a traditional stew side dish but can be simply bread […]

Stuffed potatoes (Batata mehshiyeh bel-lahem al-mafrum)

One thing the Lebanese Master chefs are known for, is their propensity to stuff veggies. Last time, we stuffed zucchinis (and tiny ones), today we are stuffing perfectly oblong potatoes. Potatoes here are absolutely delicious. I am convinced it is because they are grown nearby. The key here is to pick them about the same […]