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Fish with caramelized onions and dates

There was a time when finding a fish “with a head” in a supermarket in the US (say, in California where I used to live or in Texas) was not an easy task. Times have changed and now fish with their heads still on or even fish live in giant aquariums are available in supermarkets or […]

Kibbeh mortar (Jurn)

Not so long ago, every Lebanese home had one of those in the kitchen; called a jeren, this mortar was cut out of solid rock and weighed at least a hundred pounds. We had one;  my mother was fortunate enough to be able to enlist a cook (with adequate girth) named Apple (Teffaha) to pound the […]

Internet Down in Lebanon

There’s been a severe outage in Lebanon and the country is left without Internet. Posts will resume shortly. -Nick [Translate]

Making stuffed onion skins (Video-clip)

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Kurdish kibbeh (video)