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Empowering Syrian women

Kamal Mouzawak is an internationally known Lebanese food personality. I’ve been many times to his organic farmer’s market, Souk el-Tayeb, the first of its kind in the region (inhaling their fresh zaatar flatbread baked on a saj oven, the best in town). I have savored traditional rural dishes at his eponymous Tawlet restaurant, both […]

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Iraqi cuisine (Al-tabekh al-3iraki), a giveaway


This book on Iraqi cuisine is the result of a job assignment I took on last year in Beirut; the publisher’s well-known cooking book (Alef baa’ al-tabekh) became a best-seller (for years) and is an encyclopedic cookbook on  Lebanese cuisine. Incidentally, I met the author (co-author with her mom) of that book and she […]

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Zaatar giveaway


I can safely say that one of the foods that a Lebanese would miss the most when outside of Lebanon is zaatar; not just any zaatar. Zaatar that was foraged by a relative or friend, dried properly for weeks, ground and mixed with the right amount of sumac and sesame and salt. 

Sure, zaatar is […]

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Internet Down in Lebanon

There’s been a severe outage in Lebanon and the country is left without Internet. Posts will resume shortly.


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Jasmine and Fire by Salma Abdelnour (Giveaway)

This book is an account of American/Lebanese writer Salma Abdelnour’s stay in Beirut  after a life spent in the US. This is a book that hundreds of thousands of Lebanese expats throughout the world could easily relate to. Salma Abdelnour is a gifted writer; she manages to write a 300 page book in which […]

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Eggs poached in tomato sauce (Bayd bel-banadoora)


 Proof that simple is best. Eggs are poached in a tomato sauce made with lots of onions, ripe tomatoes and some garlic; scooped up with pita bread. A mouthwatering luncheon or brunch item from the Lebanese rural cuisine.


 8 eggs, size small (depending on the size of the tomatoes)
2 large onions, chopped
4 cloves of garlic […]

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Pasta shells in pumpkin sauce


This is probably the easiest pasta to prepare and frankly one of the tastiest. Simply cook some pumpkin, mash it and combine it with the pasta. Sprinkle cheese, some toasted nuts and dinner is ready!


6 oz. of shell or tube pasta 
1 pound of cut-up and peeled pumpkin
6 oz. of cheese (could be any melting […]

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Giveaway result

 Result: Number 11 out of 62, powered by


Megan Moore gets the book of photographs from the children in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon. Megan please forward me your address at your convenience.
Congratulations, hope the children in your school get interested in this book.

For anybody else interested in acquiring this book, I asked Ramzi Haidar, […]

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Kurdish kibbeh (video)

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This giveaway is not for a cookbook but a photography book; it is a collection of photographs taken by 500 children residing in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. This project was carried out by an NGO, Zakira ( meaning memory in Arabic) whose primary goal is to promote the value of photography and […]

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