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Green almonds salad (Salatet al-lowz al-akhdar)

The idea for this salad came from chef and cookbook author Marlene Mattar, one of my favorite Lebanese chefs. I, of course, had to make it my own by adding other ingredients. Her salad includes red leaf lettuce, sliced green almonds, arugula and feta cheese. I added sliced sun-dried tomatoes, purslane instead of arugula, and […]

Loquat stewed in syrup

Loquats (called akedenia in Lebanon), used to be my favorite Springtime treat. I saw a street cart vendor selling them lately, huge ones, (I need to snap a picture of him soon) ; a cross between a pear and a mango, with a short season, these fruits are special. They are grown in California and […]

Mashed potato fritters

In chef Marlene Mattar’s latest cookbook Maedat Marlene men Halab, she mentions that these Aleppian potato fritters were traditionally made  in a dish such as the one pictured above; lucky lady who got to spend time in Aleppo before the tragic mayhem; since Aleppo has the well-deserved reputation for exquisite gastronomy, I was dying to try […]

Caramel-stuffed apples

Apples are plentiful and who does not like apples and caramel? The idea of coring apples and stuffing them with caramel candy is one I found in a French recipe book promoting a caramel candy sold in France. I would simply substitute a jar of butterscotch topping or chewy caramel candies likely to melt in […]

Taro stuffed with veggies

Taro admittedly has a gruff exterior which may be the reason many people stay away from this vegetable. I did for a long time, until my Egyptian-born friend Phoebe pointed to a bag of frozen taro cubes (with a seasoning packet) in the freezer section of the Middle-Eastern store; she exclaimed happily “kolkass“and immediately grabbed […]