Eggplant salad (Al-Raheb) ألراھب

March 29, 2009  • 


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  1. gokce says:

    hi… I love your website… I am originally from Turkey, but I am from the southeast Mediterrean coast… so our dishes are very much influenced from Lebanese food… We also had lots of Lebanese/Turkish families in my hometown… I found you while I was looking for a Mamool recipe :)… hope to share recipes in the future… one of my friend’s grandma used to make “lebeniye” (probably wrong spelling)… kibbeh with yogurt-like soup?? I would love to get your recipe…

    • Joumana says:

      Hi! I remember visiting Turkey as a teenager, we drove from Lebanon and visited Ankara and Mersine. The beaches were amazing, like in the Caribbean, and I thought the people were so handsome! Anyway, I would love to visit all of Turkey some day! I just watch Turkish soap operas these days! (“Nour” was my favorite!).
      I am certainly going to have a Kibbe Labanyeh recipe very shortly for you!
      Take care! Joumana

  2. domi says:

    Absolument surprenant cette salade il faut que je la teste, elle me donne vraiment envie…

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