15,000 hours of experience and more!

As a food stylist and photographer, I want to make your food look irresistible. My goal is to make people want to lick the screen or click to order immediately.

I can work remotely in my studio or on location. I am results-driven and will do whatever it takes to create the ultimate look for your food. My philosophy in food photography is in par with the one I follow in my cooking: Natural, fresh, and real! I avoid studio lighting as much as possible. I shoot in natural light, and try to incorporate as much nature as possible in my food styling.


I also believe that food is culture and identity; I have accumulated an extensive collection of props in order to showcase your food in its proper cultural context, thus enhancing the viewer’s experience and conveying the specificity of your brand. The image will draw the viewer in by creating a subliminal language and an emotion. I am not interested in producing generic stock-perfect shots. Your food deserves to be extra special and memorable!

I am also open to licensing my own copyrighted photos.

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