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Pine cone mezze

There are two worlds in Lebanon: The urban world and the rural world. While Beirut residents would go out for sushi or burgers (American-style), rural folks scavenge nature for food and sustenance. Take the pine cones, for instance. I never knew until recently that the green ones were edible. Lebanese farmers in the fields like […]

Fish-stuffed grape leaves

It took a bit of convincing to get the lady I was working with to attempt this one; well, I could see her point. This is not done here, first off. My argument was: We’ll just cook fish simply, with veggies and a few spices, but instead of keeping the fillets whole, we’ll cut them […]

The Jewelled Kitchen by Bethany Kehdy

  I discovered Bethany’s blog a few years ago and was impressed by the stylish designs and gorgeous photography. This Spring, I even met Beth in person with her team who tagged along; we had lunch in Beirut at one of these Ottoman-era houses converted into a funky coffee shop and talked about her recent […]

Olive salad (salatet al-zeytun)

  Olives are such a fundamental component of the Lebanese diet (olive trees are everywhere), that it is unthinkable to start or finish a meal without gobbling a few. There is even a saying “Bread and olives are the best there is” khubz w-zeytun ahsan ma ykoon. My mother used to repeat it quite often while […]

Stuffed zucchini flowers

Even though these flowers are not used here in Lebanon (wonder why), I could not bear dumping them. They are easier to stuff than, say, grape leaves. I dipped them in a quick batter after stuffing them and fried them for a few minutes.  I discovered that in Turkey, these flowers get stuffed just like […]