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Kataif mini-nests with cheese and egg

 Happy Easter!Last minute quick dessert; if you get some kataifi dough (available in the frozen section of specialty supermarkets, ethnic stores or online), let it defrost overnight in the fridge. You can put together this bite-size dessert in a jiffy. Extra-crunchy and buttery, gooey from the warm melting cheese, laced with a touch of […]

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Fig rolls


Saw a tempting brioche recipe in Nadji’sSaveurs et Gourmandises(I call her the Queen of brioches and desserts of all stripes); anyway, the recipe appealed to me  because it used fresh mandarin  juice in the batter.

I added some orange rind and orange blossom water to the batter and stuffed the brioche with fig jam […]

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Puree of potatoes and cod


I  lived in France with my family for a few years while the war was raging in Lebanon and these circumstances allowed us all to become very well acquainted with French food: This dish comes from the south of France and  is called a brandade; I was never crazy about it because it uses […]

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Prosciutto quiche (no crust)


This is an option if you feel like having a quiche but do not want to fuss with a crust: Simply line the pans (or the pie pan) with a few slices of prosciutto or ham, pour the custard on top and bake. Easy and yummy.

INGREDIENTS: 3 tartlets (quantity can be doubled)

1/4 pound […]

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Crumble with potatoes, bacon and squash


One thing I admire about French (and American) chefs: They have no qualms taking specialties from around the world and modifying them with the utmost confidence; now I don’t know who came up with the idea of a savory crumble but I see it on French cooking sites a lot.

This is inspired by […]

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Choco-tahini rice bars


What happens when hunger pangs start manifesting themselves and it is 4 PM? I propose grabbing (just) one of these and having a cup of (decaf) coffee. Made of dark chocolate (good for you), tahini (great for you), peanut butter (great for you) and puffed rice (protein).

If you like the taste of halva, […]

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Pasta with squash, cheese and pecans


This is a recipe I plucked from a French blog C’est Moi qui l’ai Fait. It is very forgiving of substitutions, so I used queso frescoinstead of the goat cheese in the recipe; I also used pecans instead of hazelnuts.

This pasta is sweet. Yet I did not add any sugar, must be that kabocha […]

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Zaatar Scones with labneh


I hope my English cousins (twice removed) do not take offense here.

I was just craving some zaatar!

In Lebanon one can easily find zaatar croissants in bakeries and coffee shops, which can be wonderful or not depending on the croissant itself.

Scones are a lot easier to make; split in half, filled with […]

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Sou Beoreg (Armenian-Turkish cheese lasagne)


Anyone who has lived any length of time in Beirut becomes enamored sooner or later with Armenian specialties; a cousin ordered one day a dish of sou beoreg from an Armenian lady she knew who was operating a little commercial kitchen from her home.

Sou beoreg is made with sheets and sheets of a […]

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Cream of pumpkin soup

When McDonald’s opened a franchise in Lebanon a few years ago, I felt indignation, contempt, anger and frustration. I just could not understand how my fellow Lebanese who had always been so keen on good food and fresh ingredients would patronize the king of fast foods. Reality has set in and now that there […]

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