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Applesauce cake (Nick Malgieri)

The legendary apples of Lebanon! When I first moved to the States thirty years ago, I would invariably get the comment: “did you live in a desert  with camels?” I would answer:” no, Lebanon is mostly mountains and valleys and covered in orchards!” In our house in the Chouf, we have an orchard and […]

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Mother’s Day cake

Mother’s Day falls on different dates in Lebanon and the US. I have finally caught-up with it in May (it takes place in March in Lebanon) Roses are in full bloom here, the kind that people make rosewater from (called ward joury).

I had pulled-up at a gas station  in Dallas and as I lowered […]

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Popcorn cake

It is amazing how homesickness manifests itself by reaching out for certain foods; both my daughter and I have our popcorn cravings and she also managed to single out the best Lebanese brand for peanut butter. She was doubtful first when I told her of my idea; after all, popcorn is supposed to be […]

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Saint Sarkis cake (vegan)


 We can all agree that food is a lot more fun and interesting when it comes along with a story. This cake was posted by my facebook friend Annie Vas with the story that it is to celebrate Saint Sarkis, a patron saint for the Armenian community in Lebanon; I was intrigued, especially after […]

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  • Pear-cake-from-Robuchon

Pear cake (Joêl Robuchon)


This cake is from  Les Dimanches de Joêl Robuchon which presumably contain a few of the celebrated chef’s favorite recipes. We had a glut of pears this year and to be honest, they were not that great.  I’d feel forlorn looking at them day after day, as some would develop black spots and end […]

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  • Flan-cake



This flan-cake is from  a best-selling cookbook here in Lebanon called Anahid’s gourmet cooking; this cake had made the rounds of the foodie circles  a few years back but  reading the recipe I was doubtful that it would work:  Pour the custard in the pan, then  pour the cake batter on top of the custard, […]

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  • aaa

Date cake with milk sauce


I love dates and I never tire of them; here in Beirut one finds in all the pastry shops (especially now during Ramadan) dates stuffed with all sorts of goodies and beautifully packaged for gift-giving. This cake is a great way to use leftover dates; you simply chop them up and cook them in […]

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  • le-cake-de-ma-mère

Retro cake



I guess everyone has their own personal notion of what a retro cake is. A retro cake, to me, is the one my mother used to serve when she had her girlfriends over for the purpose of playing bridge or gossiping. Personally, out of the two activities I find gossiping to be  a lot […]

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Orange/chocolate cake


You may feel the same way: When the weather gets cold and dreary, nothing beats a nice fragrant cake with a pot of steaming tea or coffee. Especially if the cake in question is fairly easy to put together. Once the ingredients are rounded up, this one takes minutes to make. 

INGREDIENTS: 2 loaf cakes 

4 […]

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  • Baba-2

Rum cake (Baba au rhum)


Whether it was due to the French presence in Lebanon or other factors, the fact remains that the Lebanese remain strongly influenced by French culture, including (especially) French food and French pastries. Every neighborhood boasts at least one pastry shop offering croissants, éclairs, mille-feuilles, babas, petits-fours and sablés.

A baba au rhum seems like […]

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