• cheese turnovers

Cheese pastries
(Sambusek jebneh)

My grandmother Téta Nabiha, used to make us these dainty turnovers on a regular basis, stuffed with ground meat. Her nimble little hands folding the lower fold over, pinching them delicately and oh so evenly. She’d first moisten the flour with ghee (called samneh) then add water and knead it briefly till smooth. These […]

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Was it in the eighties that quiche were in vogue? I can’t pin-point the exact date, but I remember everybody being enthralled with quiches, and a slogan “real men don’t eat quiche”; or was it real men eat quiche? Anyway, now it seems we are back into depriving oneself of certain types of food, […]

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Egyptian mish cheese (Jibnet mesh)

I was gifted a unique and homemade Egyptian mish cheese from Salah, an Egyptian farmer who recently returned from a visit to his family’s farm in Mansoura, Egypt; the cheese is called mish and is sharp, pungent and salty; Salah told me that President George Bush senior, upon his arrival to Egypt a few […]

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Areesheh turnovers

At a job assignment recently I was in the midst of a group of culinary and  restaurant professionals; all were native Lebanese, but each was from a different region. I started asking each one what kind of food did they love eating growing up. What was so surprising was that not one of them […]

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Areesheh cheese


This cheese, served with a drizzle of honey, used to be an old-fashioned dessert served at all rural restaurants. It is similar to ricotta from the standpoint of its texture;  made by a local artisan dairy farm, it is a real treat: At once light and with the ethereal taste of pure cream, it […]

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  • dukk-and-feta-salad

Zaatar and cheese plate


I posted an image of my foray into zaatar hunting and both Arlette and Dana mentioned the zaatar and feta cheese combo. Feta (aka Bulgarian cheese here) is crumbled, doused in olive oil and sprinkled with fresh zaatar; a breakfast and after-school snack that helped assuage my hunger daily as a child growing up […]

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  • carrot-cake-and-cheese-bars

Carrot and cheese bars

Another version of a carrot and cheese cake I made a couple of years ago;  eating a bar feels more virtuous!

INGREDIENTS: 9″x9″ pan (or larger)

2 large eggs
6 ounces oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup raw sugar or regular
1 tablespoon of grape molasses (optional) or honey
1 tablespoon of orange rind (optional)
8 oz carrots, shredded fine (4 carrots)


1 […]

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  • Persian-paneer

Persian cheese ball

This is another Persian recipe from Najmieh Batmanglij that appealed to me; it contains lots of walnuts and herbs so it could easily be a light  lunch or stuffed in a flour tortilla for quesadillas. Hope y’all had good holidays, personally I am relieved that they have come and gone. 

Najmieh’s original recipe calls for […]

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  • une-quiche-2

Three cheese quiche



There is a fancy deli in Beirut called Aziz (they’ve been around forever) and they carry all the  French cheeses, American chips and salsa, Italian pastas, Thai curries  your little heart could desire; I was in a big hurry and got some Comté and some Beaufort (never tried it before). Beaufort (found out after the […]

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  • apricot-halloum-bites

Apricot halloum bites

My brother, who for many years called Paris (France) home, asked me the following (very French) question last summer: Do you know how to pair Lebanese cheeses with fruits? I had to admit the idea never crossed my mind. So in the course of the year, I started thinking about what would go with […]

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