• berry brownies

Berry Brownies

Nothing beats brownies. I was waiting for someone to show-up and I made these on an impulse, from scratch (of course). The tanginess of the berries cuts into the richness of the chocolate. A friend of my daughter’s who was around at the time, tasted one and raved about it. She told me  she is […]

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  • fondant

Chocolate fondant (quick and easy)

Foodies will be able to relate to the following statement: I remember the exact time and place I first tasted a fondant. It was in Paris, about twenty years ago, and my brother had taken us all to a restaurant not far from where he lived. Nothing fancy, kind of a family eatery chain. […]

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  • S'Mores

S’Mores in a jiffy

The sight of freshly puffed marshmallows on chocolate cream, served on a plain cookie elicits delight on a universal scale.
Then, why not serve s’mores on a holiday table, for a dessert made in a jiffy? You can whip these in under 5 minutes flat and make adults and children happy, without having to […]

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  • cupcake

Rocky road chocolate cupcake

This has been an easy low-key Thanksgiving year, with only one request from son: French onion soup AND something chocolate (my request to myself). Well, if you are part of the die-hard chocoholics club (and all my friends are), you will enjoy this cupcake and the rocky road trimmings.
Here we go:


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  • Blog-Mothers-cake

Mother’s Day cake

Mother’s Day falls on different dates in Lebanon and the US. I have finally caught-up with it in May (it takes place in March in Lebanon) Roses are in full bloom here, the kind that people make rosewater from (called ward joury).

I had pulled-up at a gas station  in Dallas and as I lowered […]

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  • blog-oatmeal-brownie

Chocolate/oatmeal brownies

Last night, both my daughter and I had a craving, the brownie craving, and needed to get it answered within the hour. 

This version uses oatmeal flour instead of the regular all-purpose white flour; I tried it as an experiment and was so relieved to find that it tastes the same and makes me feel […]

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  • oeuf-au-choc-2

Egg in chocolate cream

It  dawned on me that Easter is coming up when I saw rows of chocolate eggs all over the chocolate stores in Beirut;  figured I needed to come up with something quick.  My mother subscribes to a French weekly women’s magazine and leafing through it I found what I was looking for; their recipe […]

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  • fondant-in-a-ramequin-5

Chocolate molten puddings



I was leafing through a Donna Hay magazine and saw: “Make & Freeze”, molten chocolate puddings. Now that’s a concept that really hits the spot! Do you ever find yourself wishing you could have something chocolat-y, and resorting to a mediocre candy bar as the only available option? 

The idea is to make these ahead […]

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  • mendiant-3

Desert rose (Rose des sables)



Growing up I was fascinated with a beautiful rock  that was on display on a glass shelf at home;  my mother had brought it  back from one of her trips; it had  fine pointed edges and it was called rose des sables (desert rose).

It looked  like a rose made of stiff sand.  I […]

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  • rose-and-choc-shake-2

Rose and chocolate shake


This is a simple shake, part dark chocolate, part rose ice-cream; no need to make your own rose ice-cream, just add some rose syrup to vanilla ice-cream until the taste feels right to you; I also added some rose petal jam which is usually available in any Middle-Eastern store.

Question: Why does’n’t milk shake become […]

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