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Mother’s Day cake

Mother’s Day falls on different dates in Lebanon and the US. I have finally caught-up with it in May (it takes place in March in Lebanon) Roses are in full bloom here, the kind that people make rosewater from (called ward joury).

I had pulled-up at a gas station  in Dallas and as I lowered […]

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Chocolate/oatmeal brownies

Last night, both my daughter and I had a craving, the brownie craving, and needed to get it answered within the hour. 

This version uses oatmeal flour instead of the regular all-purpose white flour; I tried it as an experiment and was so relieved to find that it tastes the same and makes me feel […]

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Egg in chocolate cream

It  dawned on me that Easter is coming up when I saw rows of chocolate eggs all over the chocolate stores in Beirut;  figured I needed to come up with something quick.  My mother subscribes to a French weekly women’s magazine and leafing through it I found what I was looking for; their recipe […]

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Chocolate molten puddings



I was leafing through a Donna Hay magazine and saw: “Make & Freeze”, molten chocolate puddings. Now that’s a concept that really hits the spot! Do you ever find yourself wishing you could have something chocolat-y, and resorting to a mediocre candy bar as the only available option? 

The idea is to make these ahead […]

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Desert rose (Rose des sables)



Growing up I was fascinated with a beautiful rock  that was on display on a glass shelf at home;  my mother had brought it  back from one of her trips; it had  fine pointed edges and it was called rose des sables (desert rose).

It looked  like a rose made of stiff sand.  I […]

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Rose and chocolate shake


This is a simple shake, part dark chocolate, part rose ice-cream; no need to make your own rose ice-cream, just add some rose syrup to vanilla ice-cream until the taste feels right to you; I also added some rose petal jam which is usually available in any Middle-Eastern store.

Question: Why does’n’t milk shake become […]

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Flourless black forest cupcake


Beirut is not lacking in fine pastry shops; quite the contrary, I can list several that rival Paris best pâtisseries (there is even a Ladurée shop in Beirut for macarons), not counting my friendAnne-Marie’s yummy creations.

As a side note, the reason Lebanon has such a strong French influence is not because it was a […]

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Tunisian donuts (Ftira)


Beirut and Lebanon in general are  seriously  lacking in North African restaurants or foods from the Maghreb; it is easier to find a can of harissa in Dallas than in Beirut! 

So imagine the thrill I felt when Leyth Hazgui,  from the resort town of Hammamet, flagged me about his native ftira, with a recipe […]

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Orange/chocolate cake


You may feel the same way: When the weather gets cold and dreary, nothing beats a nice fragrant cake with a pot of steaming tea or coffee. Especially if the cake in question is fairly easy to put together. Once the ingredients are rounded up, this one takes minutes to make. 

INGREDIENTS: 2 loaf cakes 

4 […]

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Chocolate buttons


Happy New Year 2012~
Wishing you good health, prosperity and lots of joy!
A tiny sugar cookie shaped like a button is flavored with chocolate, coated with ganache and dabbed with a whisper of gold leaf.


3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp of baking powder
1 cup unsalted  butter room temperature
1 cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs
3 ounces unsweetened […]

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