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Fruit oatmeal bars


Had to do something with all these fruits! Pears, quince, apples, all stored in the veggie bin and all getting a tad old. The neat thing with this recipe is it will work with any fruit, raw or stewed; so I used some stewed pears and quince and some apple, here and there. 

INGREDIENTS: makes […]

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Oatmeal date squares


My daughter is going to college full-time  and working (tutoring English in a remedial school here) and comes home famished; these oatmeal and date bars should help, don’t you think?

By the way, if you have a Middle-Eastern grocer nearby, they most likely stock date paste in a package, saving you the trouble of making […]

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Grape molasses and almond shortbread cookies

There is a village called Barouk in the Shouf mountains  in which I discovered homemade pastries made by the store owner’s mother and his sisters. These cookies, called lawzieh (from lawz, almond) are  a traditional almond shortbread cookie very popular in that region.


125 g. unsalted butter (4 oz.) at room temperature
1 large egg, room temperature
3 tbsp of grape […]

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Cheese ma’amoul


Thanks to witty, warm and talented Ruby, I found out I have been nominated by SAVEUR in the category of  Best Regional Cuisine Blog. If you, dear reader, the anonymous one and the one that I have made friends with, care to see this little blog make it to instant STARDOM (lol), well, you […]

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Whoopie pies


Happy Valentine’s! 

These are whoopie pies, apparently an invention from the Pennsylvania Amish. These used to be sold at all convenience stores wrapped in plastic and my friend Lyse was crazy about the ones with chocolate chips. They are simply two big cookies with a cream filling.

 These whoopie pies  are  filled  with a berry mousse […]

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Oatmeal bars

Seems like oatmeal bars (and cookies) are in the air; saw some over at Bo’s then at Oui, Chef. Had to make a Levantine version! Cranberries are imported here (from the US) but can easily be replaced by dried cherries or apricot or raisins. These bars are chewy and the cranberries add a […]

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  • boutons-au-chocolate

Chocolate buttons


Happy New Year 2012~
Wishing you good health, prosperity and lots of joy!
A tiny sugar cookie shaped like a button is flavored with chocolate, coated with ganache and dabbed with a whisper of gold leaf.


3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp of baking powder
1 cup unsalted  butter room temperature
1 cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs
3 ounces unsweetened […]

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Chickpea cookies



These cookies are based on chickpea flour which is available in Middle-Eastern or Indian stores or health-food stores generally. They are sourced from a traditional Persian recipe from Najmieh Batmanglij New Food of Life, with the following changes: I toasted the butter to get that nutty flavor and I added an egg to the […]

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Snake cookie


My mom lived in Dallas for a couple of years and being a very sociable person, she joined the newcomer’s club, made friends with all of the neighbors, and pretty soon had a fully booked social calendar with bridge parties, luncheons, museum visits and the like.

This is the type of communal cookie I would […]

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Pistachio brownies

This time of year, we’d be getting fresh pistachios called Aleppo’s pistachios (fustuk halabi), and nibble on them for hours on a lazy summer afternoon.

These brownies are a sort of cream cheese brownie, except the cheese  is combined with (homemade) pistachio paste. Get some hulled pistachios and make the paste ahead of time. It […]

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