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Loquat stewed in syrup

Loquats (called akedenia in Lebanon), used to be my favorite Springtime treat. I saw a street cart vendor selling them lately, huge ones, (I need to snap a picture of him soon) ; a cross between a pear and a mango, with a short season, these fruits are special. They are grown in California and […]

Popcorn cake

It is amazing how homesickness manifests itself by reaching out for certain foods; both my daughter and I have our popcorn cravings and she also managed to single out the best Lebanese brand for peanut butter. She was doubtful first when I told her of my idea; after all, popcorn is supposed to be a […]

Date sandwich cake

This is one of those homestyle no-bake desserts put together with leftover dates and cookies and kept in the freezer or fridge for days; perfect for a quick sweet nibble or a treat to offer an unexpected guest.  Middle-Eastern stores sell a packaged date paste making the job even easier. This version is inspired by […]

Areesheh cheese

This cheese, served with a drizzle of honey, used to be an old-fashioned dessert served at all rural restaurants. It is similar to ricotta from the standpoint of its texture;  made by a local artisan dairy farm, it is a real treat: At once light and with the ethereal taste of pure cream, it does […]

Halvah/chocolate brownies

I picked up a brochure for a restaurant chain running Ramadan specials and quickly ran through it until I stumbled on a familiar image. Golly, that was MY photograph! Taken three or four years ago (of kafta sandwiches); spent the following hour debating whether I should go after the unethical bunch.  This brownie recipe is […]