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Iranian eggplant and tomato dip (Mirza Ghassemi)

My childhood friend Constantin took me out  in Dubai to a really fancy Iranian restaurant, knowing that I love Iranian cuisine. He ordered a medley of dishes including this one called mirza ghassemi, which I had never tasted before. One bite and I was enraptured. It was light, full of tomato and garlic flavor, and […]

Iranian eggplant dip (Kashk-e bademjan)

I had this eggplant dish in Dallas once, made by a Persian friend of my Irish neighbor’s, and loved it;  there are a ton of Persian restaurants in So. California, a handful in Dallas, yet I have not seen a single one in Beirut. In any case, when an Iranian exhibit opened here last year, […]

Bulgur pilaf (Shelbato)

This dish caught my eye in Chef Mattar’s latest book Maedat Marlene min Halab in which she reports on dishes she tasted while visiting Aleppo, Syria. How lucky for us. This one she titled traveling jew (Yehudi musafer), with the caption that it was an ancient dish. She adds ground meat to the pilaf, but […]

Eggplant and ground meat sauce (Batersh)

  I first got wind of this dish on Kano’s blog and was immediately interested; the idea to top eggplant dip with a thick ground meat and tomato sauce sounded delicious; it is apparently a specialty of the city of Hama in Syria. I’d like in passing to send many prayers to the innocent people […]

Eggplant, Morroccan-style (Zahlouk)

I know little of the foods of North Africa, so when I saw Chef Zouhair Zairi‘s new book Moorish Fusion Cuisine, I was instantly interested. His book is filled with mouthwatering dishes (around 70) all made with the best and the rarest of ingredients (such as 50-year old Balsamic vinegar and Argan oil). Chef Zairi […]