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Mashed potato fritters

In chef Marlene Mattar’s latest cookbook Maedat Marlene men Halab, she mentions that these Aleppian potato fritters were traditionally made  in a dish such as the one pictured above; lucky lady who got to spend time in Aleppo before the tragic mayhem; since Aleppo has the well-deserved reputation for exquisite gastronomy, I was dying to try […]

Eggs in spinach

A delightful Iraqi dish of eggs baked in spinach; I added a few diced bell peppers for color. I have made it with both frozen chopped spinach and whole-leaf fresh and the fresh spinach is way superior in taste and appearance.  INGREDIENTS: 1 bunch spinach, or a bag of washed spinach or baby spinach 4 […]

Tuna omelet

The idea for this omelet came from Joel Robuchon’s book on his Sunday menus (Les Dimanches de Joel Robuchon); the famed French chef is known for his classic, down-to-earth cuisine and this one was entitled omelette du prêtre or priest omelet. It is a perfect solution when you have just a few minutes to spare. […]

Eggs and awarma flatbread (Man’ooshet bayd w awarma)

  This is one of the many flatbreads or man’ooshe that can be ordered from the neighborhood bakery for a quick and filling breakfast. Here, the dough is rolled onto a pizza pan, the eggs are quickly whipped and mixed with some awarma (lamb confit) and baked in a very hot oven for 15 minutes […]

Persian green bean omelet (Kuku)

  Every culture has its omelette and I was always charmed by the Persian kuku; first of all, it has a fun-sounding name; secondly,  it is very elegant, light, (no cheese or crust in it) and versatile; finally, it is  the perfect party dish, since it can be served at room temperature and  prepared ahead. […]