• muhammara

Muhammara and labneh dip

This dip was a last minute inspiration. I had bought several pounds of beautiful Iranian walnuts (orders were placed from relatives) at the Iranian exhibit downtown. Big and gorgeous whitish walnuts. I made muhammara, of course, and it occurred to me that it would taste good combined with labneh. Sure enough! If you try […]

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  • cheesecake

Labneh cheesecake

My daughter reconciled me with the idea of making cheesecake using labneh (which is drained yogurt cheese). She had made delicious labneh bars (a few years ago she used to look at me and smirk “don’t ever expect me to enjoy cooking”)
Well, here is the verdict: This was the easiest, lightest and fluffiest cheesecake […]

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  • cupcake

Labneh cupcakes

I usually have a jar of labneh in the fridge at all times here in Lebanon. In the US, I make it from scratch usually or buy it on my trips to the Middle-Eastern store. I decided out of the blue to make some cupcakes, thinking of a famous Texan cake, the Seven-up Cake, […]

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  • Labneh-balls

Labneh balls (Labneh makbouseh)



 A slow-food activity for a week-end; making these labneh balls can also pay-off later on when a housewarming gift is needed. Just drain the yogurt overnight (or better yet, for a couple of days); using a small cookie dough scooper, make these little balls, place them on a paper-towel-lined tray, cover them with more […]

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  • penne-with-labneh-sauce

Penne with labneh tomato sauce


This is pasta in a jiffy with only 4 ingredients. The sauce is like the Italian vodka sauce, except I replaced the vodka with arak (Lebanese national drink with a strong taste of licorice); here only a teaspoon was enough.  I switched to labneh (drained yogurt) instead of cream. Happy Eid el-Futr to everyone who celebrates! […]

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  • olive-and-cheese

Olives stuffed with cheese


Or how to eat olives and cheese in one bite!

Pick a strong goat cheese to offset the pungent taste of the olives; get some pitted olives and a decorating bag with a tiny tube and you can get this fancy appetizer ready in no time!

Photo taken from my aunt’s balcony in Adma, Lebanon.

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  • markouk-and-labneh

Chili labneh (Labneh harra)

If you happen to like a bit of heat, you will love this version of  labneh. At  Souk el-Tayeb it is served slathered on a markouk bread baked on the spot.

Since labneh is simply drained yogurt it is very easy to make this at home with a jar of hot red pepper paste, some […]

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  • Plate-of-pasta-and-sauce

Labneh and butternut squash sauce for pasta



This is a very easy sauce to make. The contrast between the sweetness of the squash and the onions and the sour taste of labneh or yogurt is (in my mind) pleasant. The texture is rich and creamy, yet the sauce is light (especially if you make the labneh with fat-free Greek yogurt).


1 […]

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  • cauliflower-fatteh-2

Cauliflower cocktail


Sorry, I could not think of a better title. This is a cauliflower “cream” made with steamed (and still a bit crunchy) cauliflower and goat yogurt labneh. You can use  Greek yogurt with fine results (and goat cheese if you like the taste), just add a slice of bread to give the cream more […]

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  • 2-carrot-patties-2

Carrot burger



This dish is inspired by an idea from a French-Armenian chef I admire, Sonia Ezgulian. She made the carrot burger and in the middle, shaped a patty with a cooked chicken breast mixed with fromage blanc; I made patties with kafta instead and served it with extra lemon (on the carrots) and dilled labneh […]

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