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Orange and milk pudding (Balouza)

 Winter season offers one redeeming value:  The availability of citrus of all kinds. I could easily drink half a gallon of fresh orange juice every day. This pudding is a tad fancier than the traditional muhallabieh that my grandmother used to make weekly with powdered milk. I used blood orange juice for the bottom layer […]

Butternut and cream pudding (Halwa al-yakteen)

  After Oum Ali, this is another great  dessert from Egypt and Eastern Libya.  A  version of this dessert is explained with step-by-step photos  in an excellent  site for anybody interested in Libyan food and traditions. Another version I found in Lebanese chef Marlene Mattar‘s cookbook, Maedat Marlene. This is a simple dessert: Cook the […]

Milk cream (Hariré)

This is a simple milk “cream” that is prepared over the stove in  5 minutes with milk, starch and flavoring. It is similar to the muhallabieh, except here rose water is used (and starch instead of rice flour). It was traditionally consumed for breakfast according to Fayez Aoun, author of 280 recettes de cuisine familiale […]

Crêpes with halva sauce (Lezza’qiyate)

These crêpes are from  an ancient recipe  still being made in rural areas in Lebanon, according to Chef Ramzi’s Culinary Heritage of Lebanon (in Rashaya, Rmeish, Akkar and West Bekaa). I have adapted the recipe due to the fact that Chef Ramzi’s recipes are usually for a huge quantity and very succinct; he collected recipes from […]

Lace chocolate crêpe

I got the idea of shaping a crêpe like lace from Chef Elise Labide; she calls it crêpe dentelle. Hers was a regular crêpe batter, I got mine in a chocolate version. The idea is very simple: Your pour the batter in a plastic container with a spout, similar to the ones used to pour […]