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Bulgur and cabbage pilaf (Safsouf)

   Today a man was offering homemade products from his village: Carob molasses, orange and rose water, tomato paste, olives, olive oil etc. When I asked him “How much” he replied “I will give it to you for free, my mother made these”. So I offered him what I thought was a great price for […]

Red lentil and chard soup

    This soup is so easy to put together and delivers the kind of homey flavor that is the hallmark of a great winter soup. The ingredients are thrown in the pot and left to simmer slowly; right before serving, a burst of flavor is added (garlic, olive oil and fresh lemon juice). Done! […]

Orange and olive oil cookies

  A traditional Algerian cookie posted on Radia‘s blog called twabaa; the ring shape of these Algerian cookies is similar to the Lebanese kaak flavored with anise or mahlab. The dough is richer (with eggs) but the cookies are plain and rather crunchy. Radia flavored hers with lemon rind and vanilla and coated them with […]

Olive oil

  There are so many olive oils out there; how does one tell if one is good versus another? According to Kadri Kassir, owner of La Maison de l’Olive in Paris, France and himself from a family of olive growers in the region of San Simeon (Syria),  there are simple ways to tell. Pour a […]

Drumsticks with pomegranate-cilantro sauce

If you are interested in saving some time and still having flavorful meals, why not make some cilantro pesto and freezing it? It will keep very well, for months, and if you make a bunch and fill up an ice-cube plastic tray with it, you can pull it out of the freezer and scoop out […]