• dup-soupe-onion

Onion soup, French-style

Happy New Year 2014!
Wishing everyone a great 2014. (Hope PEACE will prevail)

We did not have the spectacular fireworks that Dubai exhibited this year; (from what I hear, it  was a Guiness World record) Nevertheless, it was joyful and peaceful; a bit irksome was hearing the firing of blank cartridges nearby, despite an official governmental […]

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  • eggeh-koussa

Zucchini fritters


A great way to use some leftover zucchini; in Lebanon, these fritters are made with the zucchini pulp leftover after they have been cored for stuffing. Simply grate or shred the zucchini in a food processor, add a bit of grated onion, garlic paste and lots of chopped herbs and fry them in olive […]

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  • un-plat-de-maghmoor

Eggplant stew (Mussaka)


A traditional vegan eggplant stew, this one is made with winter eggplants (which have very few seeds). In addition, the eggplants slices were merely roasted with a dab of oil, instead of fried as is the tradition. I am happy to report that foregoing the frying does not  take away the flavor; the mussaka […]

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  • mdardara

Lentil and rice pilaf (Mdardara)

There are McDonald’s billboards everywhere in Beirut and the caption says: “YOU DON’T WANT TO EAT MUJADDARA EVERY DAY, DO YOU?”. The photo on the billboard is of a breaded (fried) shrimp sandwich. Call me contrarian, but that billboard immediately made me long for mujaddara or its sister, mudardara. Simpler to make, it […]

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  • stuffed-salamouni

Stuffed onion skins (Salamouni mehshi)


There is a variety of onions called salamouni here, with an elongated graceful shape; they taste just like regular yellow onions but the neat thing about them is that once boiled, their skins stay curled up, making them perfect for stuffing. 

This recipe is shared by Asma, my wonderful Kurdish friend, who told me it […]

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  • onions-pita

Pita and onion fries


Chef Ramzi Choueiry was the first Lebanese chef to showcase the regional variations in traditional Lebanese cuisine; in his monumental Culinary Heritage of Lebanon he explored the country, stopping at remote villages and transcribing recipes local folks would give him.

This happens to be one of them, stunning in its simplicity: just fry pita croutons […]

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  • bulgur-and-lamb-shanks

Bulgur and lamb pilaf (Burghul bedfeen)

I would name this one of the most exquisite in the Lebanese roster of traditional dishes; however, it does require some TLC. The onions have to be browned first, the lamb or beef need to simmer till thoroughly cooked in their broth and  the bulgur pilaf, studded with onions, chunks of meat and chickpeas, […]

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Bulgur, chard and pasta pilaf

Quick,  easy and rustic. Fry some chopped onion and when golden cook the chard a few minutes;  add the pasta then the bulgur and 15 minutes later, the dish is done.

Serve as a side dish with a roast chicken or some fish. Could also be used as a side with a  turkey or […]

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  • kammounieh

Bulgur and cumin loaf (Kammounieh)


This is a vegan pâté called kammounieh (from kammoun or cumin). It is a Southern Lebanese specialty. It is easy to make and consists of fine bulgur mixed with onion, herbs, cumin and chiles. The recipe is just a guide as each family in the South have their own personal spice mix for the […]

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  • fish-in-tamarind

Salmon with tomato-tamarind sauce


A quick and delicious fish and veggie dish from the unexpandable Nawal Nasrallah’s Delights from the Garden of Eden. Fry an onion, add spices and diced tomatoes, place the salmon in that sauce, bake and less than 10 minutes later, dinner is done.


1 pound of salmon fillet, cut in 4 smaller pieces (can use […]

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