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Fish shawarma sandwich

Ever had samkeh harra? Samkeh harra is a glorious dish that is served at buffets at big parties like weddings for example; it is a large fish (loukoz, a type of sea bass), baked whole (head and tail included) and served encased in a tahini and herb sauce with a touch of red chili pepper […]

Mussakhan with cornish hens

I have made this Palestinian dish before using  boneless thighs or bone-in chicken pieces;  this is the first time I try it with cornish hens. The cornish hens lend themselves very well to this dish, because one hen will suffice per piece of (lavash or markouk) bread. As a result, each person will be presented […]

Bazin (Libya)

Feeling compassion and a heavy heart for folks who have to endure a tragic and nightmarish situation  in Libya, I escaped  into the kitchen and made a very ancient and traditional Libyan dish, bazin. Libya is an extraordinary country with a wide coastline of beautiful beaches and a rich history replete with Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans […]

Okra stew (vegan)

In Texas, okra is practically a state vegetable,  offered fried at every BBQ joint and road stand. Well, okra aka bamieh is also beloved in the Eastern mediterranean shores, especially in Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. Now that Easter is fast approaching and people will be fasting, this dish will  appear with regularity. Okra, stir-fried in […]

Lentil and green wheat porridge(mujaddara)

As a young mother, I had a mission: my kids were going to like Lebanese food. No room in my pantry for hamburger helpers and the like. Here is how I introduced mujaddara, our Lebanese lentil and rice porridge. ” Chocolate pudding kids!” (It worked); they loved it.  My son  learned to make it  when […]