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Stuffed turnips (Mehshi el-lefet)

One of many stuffed vegetable dishes (mehshi)  from the region; this one is most likely Aleppian (Syrian) or Palestinian. It is very simple, with minimal spices (black pepper, a touch of cinnamon). The only difference with the Lebanese-style stuffed veggies is the sauce. The sauce is made with tamarind and water (and lots of garlic). […]

Green beans stew (Yakhnet loobieh)

  I have adopted my friend’s Kerene expression “it is a no-brainer!”; well, this stew and all its cousins in the Lebanese kitchen, are a no-brainer. Grab 1/2 pound of stew meat, (a few bones  as well if your butcher will part with them), a vegetable, fresh or frozen, and a pound of tomatoes fresh […]

Lebanese-style dolmas (Mehshee warak enab wkoosa)

This is the epitome of a Lebanese-style dolmas; the grape leaves are picked fresh  (and the freh grape leaves are sold at Middle-Eastern stores )or you can use the brined ones. The zucchinis are much maller and sweeter; you can cut them in half if you like (I did that for decades, leaving one inch […]

Tomato rice (Harrak osba3o)

The name of this dish in Arabic is “burnt his finger”. Presumably this is such an irresistible food a child burnt his finger eating it without waiting for it to cool down. Prior to making this I was unconvinced; how can something so simple be that good? it is just rice cooked with onions, tomatoes, […]

Mount Ararat pilaf (Ararat Pilav)

When the war officially ended in Lebanon, there was a lot that needed to be done to rebuild the country; Mrs Micha Sarraf and her friends decided to put together a cookbook in order to raise money to help the Red Cross. The cookbook was called Mijotons (tr: Let’s concoct something). The ladies involved in […]