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Popcorn cake

It is amazing how homesickness manifests itself by reaching out for certain foods; both my daughter and I have our popcorn cravings and she also managed to single out the best Lebanese brand for peanut butter. She was doubtful first when I told her of my idea; after all, popcorn is supposed to be a […]

Pumpkin jam cubes (Mrabba etta’ al-yakteen)

  This pumpkin jam reminds me of my grandmother, Nabiha Aftimos, who lived in a world that had not succumbed to speed obsession, cell phone dependency or internet. Whatever she made in the kitchen took time, and it was fine and natural by her. She used to make these types of sweets with bitter orange peels or […]

Abbas cookie (Kaak al-Abbas)

I have a new-found appreciation for traditions lately; probably because I grew up in a family who pooh-poohed all manner of traditions (or at least my mother did). I asked around Malak and Hossein and other friends and acquaintances what is traditional for the commemoration of Ashura; first of all, huge vats of a wheat […]

Roasted wheat berries

Ms. M. Khairallah is a lady in her eighties living alone in her family’s ancestral home in the village of Ghineh in the Lebanese mountains. Her memories of the olden days is crisp and clear; she recounts how back then every family had a small plot and was growing wheat to sustain them throughout the […]

Molasses no-bake cookies

These cookies (which have the texture of a soft taffy and the taste of toffee) are made with a technique that has always intrigued me; they are very traditional and come from rural areas. Folks lived a very simple (primitive) life, without oven or any appliances. I have seen similar recipes across the Middle-East, in […]