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White Gazpacho (Zouhair Zairi)

I wanted to try this soup, from Chef Zouhair Zairi’s Moorish Fusion Cuisine. One of the reasons is that I have not seen, to my knowledge, anything remotely like this in the Lebanese or Near Eastern cuisine; almonds are always used as a garnish in savory dishes; there is one pudding, called kishk of the poor […]

Cabbage and keshek soup

Keshek is a very nourishing food traditionally prepared in rural areas for sustenance year-round; it is a mixture of yogurt and milk fermented with bulgur, dried and ground into a powder. Urbanized Lebanese buy it commercially made; however, there are still plenty of people in the villages who still make it at home. It is […]

Kibbeh in yogurt (Labniyeh)

 This is one of the best (if not the best) kibbeh dishes; we grew up with it, with my grandmother patiently coring the hollow kibbeh balls and stirring the yogurt till thickened. The final kick of flavor was when the cilantro and garlic fried in oil was added to the sauce. In Lebanon, the hollow […]

Onion soup, French-style

Happy New Year 2014! Wishing everyone a great 2014. (Hope PEACE will prevail) We did not have the spectacular fireworks that Dubai exhibited this year; (from what I hear, it  was a Guiness World record) Nevertheless, it was joyful and peaceful; a bit irksome was hearing the firing of blank cartridges nearby, despite an official […]

Yogurt soup

If I had to make a sweeping statement about Middle-Eastern culinary taste,  I’d say ” You’ve got to love yogurt!”. Yogurt is an intrinsic part of our food. When I was a kid growing up in Beirut, we’d get our weekly supply of yogurt delivered by a man wearing a sherwal (traditional trousers) and wearing a villager’s […]