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Sumac is mentioned a lot in this blog, because it is such an intrinsic part of Lebanese and Levantine food in general; however, I need to caution anybody who lives in the US or Canada that the sumac in your area that grows wild is (unlike the one in Lebanon and the Near East) supposed […]

Sumac lemonade

The mysterious plant was indeed sumac, a Godsend for our forefathers and mothers who needed a lemony taste in their dishes but could not access lemons (either due to seasonal lack of availability or because they did not live in the coastal areas where citrus is grown). Sumac is dried and ground into a powder […]

Mussakhan with cornish hens

I have made this Palestinian dish before using  boneless thighs or bone-in chicken pieces;  this is the first time I try it with cornish hens. The cornish hens lend themselves very well to this dish, because one hen will suffice per piece of (lavash or markouk) bread. As a result, each person will be presented […]

Sea bass in acqua pazza

Let’s say you come home late, you are starving, yet you want a good meal: grab a piece of your favorite fish and make it in acqua pazza, i.e. in crazy water. Get a loaf of  good French bread to sop up the juices and a  bottle of  decent white wine and you are going […]

Crumble with potatoes, bacon and squash

One thing I admire about French (and American) chefs: They have no qualms taking specialties from around the world and modifying them with the utmost confidence; now I don’t know who came up with the idea of a savory crumble but I see it on French cooking sites a lot. This is inspired by one […]