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Green beans stew (Yakhnet loobieh)



I have adopted my friend’s Kerene expression “it is a no-brainer!”; well, this stew and all its cousins in the Lebanese kitchen, are a no-brainer. Grab 1/2 pound of stew meat, (a few bones  as well if your butcher will part with them), a vegetable, fresh or frozen, and a pound of tomatoes fresh […]

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Tomato rice (Harrak osba3o)


The name of this dish in Arabic is “burnt his finger”. Presumably this is such an irresistible food a child burnt his finger eating it without waiting for it to cool down. Prior to making this I was unconvinced; how can something so simple be that good? it is just rice cooked with onions, […]

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Kafta patties topped with potatoes and tomatoes (Kafta bel-saniyeh)


Can’t get any more down home than this! I have seen this pan not only at home growing up but on the table of all my schoolmates. It is cafeteria food, Lebanese-style. Kafta patties (a meat mix with chopped parsley and onion) are topped with sliced potatoes and tomatoes and baked. Simple, but satisfying. 


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Pasta a la gypsy

This crop of eggplants just won’t quit. A pasta dish was in order. This one was inspired by a recipe in an  ELLE cookbook  for an eggplant gratin called la Bohémienne (the gypsy). The recipe called for eggplants, tomatoes, onions and anchovies. Add whole-wheat penne in the mix and you’ve got dinner covered. INGREDIENTS: […]

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Eggs poached in tomato sauce (Bayd bel-banadoora)


 Proof that simple is best. Eggs are poached in a tomato sauce made with lots of onions, ripe tomatoes and some garlic; scooped up with pita bread. A mouthwatering luncheon or brunch item from the Lebanese rural cuisine.


 8 eggs, size small (depending on the size of the tomatoes)
2 large onions, chopped
4 cloves of garlic […]

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  • un-plat-de-maghmoor

Eggplant stew (Mussaka)


A traditional vegan eggplant stew, this one is made with winter eggplants (which have very few seeds). In addition, the eggplants slices were merely roasted with a dab of oil, instead of fried as is the tradition. I am happy to report that foregoing the frying does not  take away the flavor; the mussaka […]

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  • Croustade-de-tomates-

Tomato tart


A simple tart in which the flavor of the tomatoes  really pop. The key is to have a buttery and very crisp crust, which contrasts with the soft texture and intensified flavor of the tomatoes. Rub the crust  with a good mustard prior to baking, drizzle the croustade with a bit of olive oil […]

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Potato Kafta

This potato kafta is a delicious twist on the usual kafta: The potatoes are boiled then mixed with the meat and flavored with a garlicky cilantro pesto.
The kaftas are shaped like burgers and can be pan-fried, grilled or baked with a slice of onion and tomato on top.


1 pound of lean (95%) ground beef […]

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Fish shawarma sandwich


Ever had samkeh harra?Samkeh harra is a glorious dish that is served at buffets at big parties like weddings for example; it is a large fish (loukoz, a type of sea bass), baked whole (head and tail included) and served encased in a tahini and herb sauce with a touch of red chili pepper […]

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Mehshi (Stuffed veggies)


A common denominator to all people who live around the Eastern Mediterranean: They love to stuff their veggies!

In Lebanese cuisine, they are stuffed in two major ways: One includes meat and is served hot; the other is meatless and is served at room temperature.

The vegan variety of stuffed veggies is  used a lot […]

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