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Green beans stew (Yakhnet loobieh)

  I have adopted my friend’s Kerene expression “it is a no-brainer!”; well, this stew and all its cousins in the Lebanese kitchen, are a no-brainer. Grab 1/2 pound of stew meat, (a few bones  as well if your butcher will part with them), a vegetable, fresh or frozen, and a pound of tomatoes fresh […]

Tomato rice (Harrak osba3o)

The name of this dish in Arabic is “burnt his finger”. Presumably this is such an irresistible food a child burnt his finger eating it without waiting for it to cool down. Prior to making this I was unconvinced; how can something so simple be that good? it is just rice cooked with onions, tomatoes, […]

Kafta patties topped with potatoes and tomatoes (Kafta bel-saniyeh)

Can’t get any more down home than this! I have seen this pan not only at home growing up but on the table of all my schoolmates. It is cafeteria food, Lebanese-style. Kafta patties (a meat mix with chopped parsley and onion) are topped with sliced potatoes and tomatoes and baked. Simple, but satisfying.  INGREDIENTS: […]

Pasta a la gypsy

This crop of eggplants just won’t quit. A pasta dish was in order. This one was inspired by a recipe in an  ELLE cookbook  for an eggplant gratin called la Bohémienne (the gypsy). The recipe called for eggplants, tomatoes, onions and anchovies. Add whole-wheat penne in the mix and you’ve got dinner covered. INGREDIENTS: 4 […]

Bulgur and tomato pilaf (Burghul bel-banadoora)

There are still juicy, red tomatoes to be found in neighborhood markets in Beirut these days; this dish uses up a lot of tomatoes, the last of the season. The bulgur  drinks up the tomato juice while cooking and develops a mild, tomato taste and a silky texture. Some people add diced green peppers to […]