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Duck in walnut and pomegranate sauce (fesenjan)

I was recently gifted a duck  from Salah, an Egyptian farmer who returned from a visit to his farm and family in Egypt carrying with him seven ducks on the airplane; he explained to me that he’d made sure they were totally frozen. His family’s farm raises ducks as well as buffaloes, from three different […]

Bulgur pilaf (Burghol mufalfal ma’al joz)

This bulgur pilaf is a Turkish recipe from Sima Othman Yassine’s Al tabekh al-terkey. It is light, easy, versatile;  this version caught my eye because I had all of the required ingredients waiting to be used: Walnuts, green pepper, raisins and (white) coarse bulgur.  One important point to note is bulgur has more protein and more […]

Bulgur and cabbage pilaf (Safsouf)

   Today a man was offering homemade products from his village: Carob molasses, orange and rose water, tomato paste, olives, olive oil etc. When I asked him “How much” he replied “I will give it to you for free, my mother made these”. So I offered him what I thought was a great price for […]

Chickpeas with sage

I had set out to make chickpea gnocchis; I am not sure if it was the recipe (it did come from one of the best-looking French/Italian blogs out there) or my poor skills, but the fact was that this big lump of dough did not inspire me and I threw it away. Using  sage from […]

Moroccan pancakes (Baghreer)

These Moroccan pancakes can be stuffed or eaten plain with butter and syrup or honey; they can also be stuffed, exactly like the ataîef from the previous two posts. These pancakes, called baghreer, are made with semolina flour and all-purpose flour, some yogurt, leavening and water (no egg). They are cooked on one side only, […]