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  • Filipino-chicken

Chicken Asian-style


A  large number of Filipinos  reside in Lebanon  and this dish is inspired by  a recipe from an article  featuring  Filipino cuisine in Fatafeat magazine (12/09 issue).

This chicken and veggie dish  belongs to the category of no-brainers, with minimum fuss and maximum flavor from the coconut milk, ginger and garlic trio.

INGREDIENTS: 6 servings

1 Chicken, […]

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  • couscous-libanais3

Lebanese couscous (Moghrabieh)


This is the Lebanese equivalent of couscous, aptly called moghrabieh. 

  Moghrabieh, (meaning ” a dish from the Maghreb”) is a much-beloved traditional dish in Lebanon and is considered a feasting type of meal to which many relatives or friends are  invited. It used to be made with both lamb shanks and chicken but nowadays […]

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  • khoresh

Persian chicken and butternut stew (Khoresh)


Living in Los Angeles and Orange County allowed me to meet and befriend Persians and fall in love with Persian cuisine. It is a refined and exquisite cuisine  and one from which there is much to learn.

The easiest introduction to Persian cuisine is through the rich and varied khoresh or stews. Just as […]

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  • drumsticks-with-pom-molasses

Drumsticks with pomegranate-cilantro sauce


If you are interested in saving some time and still having flavorful meals, why not make some cilantro pesto and freezing it? It will keep very well, for months, and if you make a bunch and fill up an ice-cube plastic tray with it, you can pull it out of the freezer and scoop […]

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  • dog-and-crepes-2-550x377

Dogs and crêpes


I had glorious intentions: I was going to make chicken sausages at home and stuff these pepper crêpes with them; hmm. I ended up buying a package of chicken franks at the store, (super salty), to save time. Still, wrapped in these pepper crêpes, slathered with some muhammara, it was a decent attempt at […]

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  • chicken-550x386

Chicken steamed in arak


These days I have zero time to cook; so I am concentrating on dishes that take less than 10 minutes of prep time; this one is borrowed from the  Japanese cuisine, where chicken is steamed in sake. Found it on a great site, the japanese food report.

I am usingarak, our Lebanese national drink (think […]

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  • chicken-and-chutney

Chicken with apple chutney


I adore apples; and I am already mourning the end of their season. So,  why not make a chutney? It is easy and goes with anything. (I would love to make it with duck).

Here it is served with  chicken thighs cooked in the  skillet with some seven-spice seasoning  and deglazed with a […]

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  • Chicken-muhammara-2

Chicken muhammara (Djej muhammara)


Cannot get any more down home than this! I had this dish very often one  summer while  in the mountains  preparing for my Arabic high school diploma exams. It was a welcome respite from studying; and with the tomato sauce, there is no need to add ketchup!

A traditional and rural  dish, revisited […]

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  • Making-your-own-cold-cut

Chicken cold cut


I don’t set foot in  fast-food sandwich places. I hate cold cuts. Too salty, no flavor.

That being said, I still love a good club sandwich.

So I made the cold cuts myself. I got the idea from Eric Bernardin, a wine expert from Bordeaux (France) who has strokes of genius. He took a […]

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  • chicken-soup-with-semolina-2

Chicken soup with semolina


This is a simple chicken soup thickened a bit with some semolina and flavored with cardamom; cardamom is a spice much beloved in the Arab world, actually said to have been used all the way back to the Pharaoh’s  time.

My mother hated cardamom so we never had it at home with coffee or […]

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