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Taste of Beirut

Learn how to bring Lebanese tastes and techniques to your kitchen! Throughout the book, Joumana gives life to the rich, complex, and delicious flavors of the Middle East, teaching anyone from newbies to foodies how to master traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Inside, you will find:

-175+ Recipes
-Simple cooking tips and tricks
-Genuine Lebanese anecdotes
-How to cook Lebanese
-How to keep it vegan
-And a whole lot more!


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Discover the beautiful culinary world of Joumana Accad. Inspired by her teta (grandmother), it’s full of traditional, authentic Lebanese recipes with a contemporary twist.


“And that cuts to the heart of why this particular cookbook is a must-have for any kitchen that wants to produce food that is incredibly scrumptious and unbelievably wholesome.”
-Dr Mike Fenster

“With over 150 recipes inspired by her Teta in their family’s kitchen, Joumana captures the fabulous flavors of her homeland and makes them completely accessible to home cooks.”

“I’ve tried out a few so far and I’m thrilled at the outcome, I’ve learned so much more about this cuisine that I’ve come to adore. Taste of Beirut was able to bring me back to cooking!”
-Roxy Net

“This cookbook is a definite must have, but I wouldn’t leave it in the kitchen, this cookbook has earned its place on the coffee table.”
-Nerisa Waterman

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