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Bride’s purses (Traditional Agerian almond cookies)


The May 2009, Challenge is brought to us by Khadidja Zehani from Khadidja worked on two recipes to give us two choices; one for a wonderful savoury dish and one for outstanding dessert….

What can I say? First of all, Khadidja’s work is amazing. Her photographs are  so beautiful, I had to try making them! And […]

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Fish Kibbeh


We did not grow up eating this type of kibbeh  in our household in Beirut.  This kibbeh  hails from Tripoli, our Northern capital and a large seaport. On one of my visits to Lebanon, a friend  ordered it from a caterer. I found several recipes for it and tried them all! This one […]

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Spaghetti Ischitani


My dad was in Dallas for a short period in the late eighties and he used to always  lunch at  an Italian restaurant Tommaso. He loved the pasta there so much that he used to go every single day. Soon, he met the Chef, Mrs. Laura Orso, who would converse with him in her […]

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Apricot and milk pudding (muhallabiya amardeen)


Love apricots! However, I have not had good luck with the  fresh  apricots sold in supermarkets. They  are so often bland and pasty that I stopped buying them.  I remember my excitement the first time I found the amardeen of my childhood in a middle-eastern store…  we used to tear off pieces and  lick […]

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Bread and Olives


In the cultural news, a Lebanese filmmaker, Simon El-Habre, won first prize at the Toronto Hot Docs Festival for his film entitled ” The One Man  Village” . It is the true story of his uncle Sem’aan, who ended up living alone in his village after all the other inhabitants fled during the civil […]

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Dandelion salad (Hindbeh ‘atteh)


I absolutely love that dish. I ate it once at the home of Sadek Tabbarah, a Lebanese architect. His wife had made it and we ate it along with halloom sandwiches for dinner. Glistening with  olive oil, studded with  pine nuts, mellow from the caramelized onions and tangy with lemon juice, I thought at […]

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The culinary heritage of LEBANON, by Chef Ramzi


I started watching Chef Ramzi on Future TV a year or so ago. I especially enjoyed his segments on traditional Lebanese cuisine. On Saturdays, he would travel through the countryside, stop in a village and visit the local folks and watch them cook their homestyle dishes. I was fascinated. Then I learned that he […]

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Cabbage salad


This salad, our Lebanese coleslaw, reminds me of Nayla, a classmate that I used to accompany home for lunch everyday for a few months until the war (it was in 1975)  and frequent sniper fire forced us to stay home.  Her dad was a deputy (Member of Parliament) for the South and their apartment […]

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Baklava, Texas-style


I have to be honest. Out of all the Arabic pastries, baklava or baklawa was never my favorite. Too sweet, too doughy, or so I thought. One day, Tracy, a Texan married to a Lebanese friend, made it using pecans, a nut that you find in Texas  in any backyard. What a revelation! Her […]

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Sweet potato kibbeh


This dish is perfect for the coming summer months because it is eaten at room temperature with some olive oil and green onions. It is considered a country-style dish akl reefeh that villagers would eat when meat was not available. I love potatoes in just about any form and here I used yams or […]

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