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Lemons in Lebanon


Got  some lemons today. Their fragrance  was reaching my nostrils one foot away…. I asked ” men weyn? (from where?) …”from Saida” I was told. They must have been freshly picked.  I brought a leaf up close. It was heady with lemon perfume. OK. Here is the deal. In Lebanon, the internet sucks or […]

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Apricots with ashta (cream)

Talk about an easy and delicious dessert! I had it in Beirut at a fancy restaurant and my friend Hoda vowed to try to  make it at home.  So, a few days later she invited me to come over to her place in Mosaiytbeh in West Beirut. She assembled it in a few minutes […]

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Tamryeh in Deir El-Kamar


Almost everyone you meet in Beirut comes from a specific village outside of the city. My family is no exception. On my mother’s side, our roots are in Deir el-Kamar, also known as the City of Emirs (Princes); in my own prejudiced view, it is the most beautiful small town in Lebanon. Not only for […]

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Walnut and chili dip (Muhammara)


Originally served alongside kibbe balls, now muhammara is served as a dip or part of a mezze, with some toasted bread. I think it is originally from Aleppo, Syria. In any case, like hummos, it is a very personal and subtle combination of flavors and spices and you will no doubt come up with […]

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Mayrig (Armenian restaurant)


Mayrig means “little mother” in Armenian. It is also the name of a fabulous restaurant in the neighborhood of Gemmayze in Beirut. Tucked away on Pasteur Street, inside a small courtyard, the authentic Armenian restaurant is housed in a magnificent old house, with stained-glass windows and painted concrete floor tiles and cut stone walls. […]

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A day in Beirut


If you find yourself in Beirut, here is what you could be doing: an early morning stroll on the Corniche, followed by a break for breakfast, on a cafe overlooking the Pigeon Grotto (see pic)…then, maybe a couple hours of swimming at one of the private beaches nearby, such as the Sporting Club, which […]

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Eggplant stuffed with rice and herbs


These days I am mainly eating. And eating very well, I might add. Relatives and friends are showering us with their kitchen creations. We feel so pampered and so special. I am also taking advantage of my stay here in Beirut to quiz everybody on their secrets for making molookhiyeh or tamriyeh or fattoosh…

I […]

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Fish stew, Bahrain


This dish was amazing. I adapted the recipe to make it simpler in execution. I made the sauce ingredients in the food processor. I transferred the sauce into a pyrex dish, placed the fish steaks on the sauce and then baked the fish for about 20 minutes in a hot oven. Perfect and simple […]

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