Monthly Archives: November 2009

Rice pudding with raspberry jelly and raspberry tuiles

The inspiration for this recipe came to me after visiting and seeing a chocolate cake topped with a raspberry tuile. The tuile looked so ethereal and vibrantly pink I knew I had to make it. Rice pudding is a humble  dessert in Lebanese cuisine so I figured  I would give it des lettres de […]

Kibbeh roll with onion jam and pistachios

في  مناسبة  عيد  الاضحى  المبارك   كل  سنة  وانتم  بخير Best wishes on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha to everyone! This is the classic kibbé made into a roll instead of the traditional meatball version. It is inspired by the (heavenly) pastry burma of shredded wheat and pistachios dipped in syrup and hails from the […]

Pumpkin bavarian with caramelized pecans and pistachios

I am going to spend Thanksgiving with  friends and I am supposed to bring the pumpkin dessert. The problem is I am not excited about pumpkin pie. I just don’t feel like making one and buying one is out of the question, most of the time the crust is disgusting. So this dessert is my […]

Roasted Chestnuts with butter and honey

I used to love winter time in Beirut for one main reason: Cart vendors would start selling chestnuts! It was so fun to get a handful wrapped in a piece of torn newspaper and go eat it at home still hot and mash it with butter and honey!  So I am going to recreate that […]

Olive roll (Mabroomeh b-zeytoon)

Olives figure at the top of my list of favorite foods. I can eat them every day, several times a day, and not tire of them. I grew up in Lebanon, where olives figure at every meal, including breakfast. It is inconceivable for a Lebanese to go out to eat at any restaurant and not […]