Monthly Archives: March 2011

Sea bass in acqua pazza

Let’s say you come home late, you are starving, yet you want a good meal: grab a piece of your favorite fish and make it in acqua pazza, i.e. in crazy water. Get a loaf of  good French bread to sop up the juices and a  bottle of  decent white wine and you are going […]

Citrus and cream jelly

Diet desserts?  I always figured if one feels like eating a slice of cake, great, eat it, enjoy every morsel, and cut back on portions of food at the next meal. But what if you want to cut down on your food intake? Agar-agar is an appetite suppressant: Making these desserts and having one slice […]

Semolina date cookies (kaak bel-ajweh)

This is the other pastry that would make its appearance in our house for the Easter holiday,  kaak b’ootah (aka kaak bel-ajweh); this one was my favorite because of the sweet date filling. My grandmother would sit at the tiny kitchen table and would shape these by hand with brass clips. I would use tweezers […]

And that vegetable is?…

Anybody care to shed some light? It is about 7 inches (18 cms)  long and weighs about 10 ounces (300 g.). ANSWER: It is a purple radish and is imported from Korea. [Translate]

Spring soup

I lived in Aix-en-Provence for six months after finishing up high school; Aix is a beautiful town in the South of France filled with picturesque courtyards outfitted with ancient fountains and majestic old mansions. I was supposed to be studying political sciences at the university, but I found the courses too depressing and spent my […]