Monthly Archives: July 2011

Cherry charlotte

This cherry dessert was made with my son in mind who just  turned 21. I had heard people tell me time and again “oh, they grow so fast” and at the time, buried in child-rearing, domestic chores, part-time work and the like I was thinking ” are these people nuts?”. Well, they were right, kids […]

Cheese beoreg in a pan

This beoreg version in a pan is for these days when the desire to make individual beoregs is muted. This will make enough for a party of 12, as an appetizer. Recipe is adapted from Anaheed’s cookbook. INGREDIENTS: DOUGH: 3 1/2 cups of flour 1 teaspoon of baking powder 1/2 cup of vegetable oil 1/2 […]

Choco sticks

Ever tried the Cadbury fingers? They are long and thin cookies shaped like a skinny finger, coated in chocolate (a childhood favorite). These are made with some LU cookies, but any butter cookie will work. The cookies are crushed and the resulting “flour” is used in lieu of regular flour in this recipe. These are […]

Simply Lebanese, by Ina’am Atalla

I  first saw  Mrs. Atalla on a television show a few years ago.  Chef Ramzi, a famous Lebanese chef, was touring the world meeting Lebanese expats and immigrant restaurateurs  and this was filmed during his  weekly thirty-minute documentary. This particular episode took place in London and while Chef Ramzi was interviewing Mrs. Atalla in her […]

Sweet Lime Ice

Ever had sweet limes? Sweet limes look just like their cousins the lemons, except they are sweet and delicate-tasting and have zero acidity. In Lebanon they are popular as a snack, whenever they are in season;  in the US, they are produced in California I think, but are not widely distributed. This ice can be […]