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Zucchini flowers


Tonight we had a visit of relatives, one of those early evening visits as was customary in Lebanon in the olden days, when people paid each other impromptu visits. I knew the visitors were all our cousins, just had no idea how; I asked one of the visitors,  Selim, a former judge known  for his rigorous mind, […]

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Goat kibbeh tartare (Kibbeh Nayeh)


An outing was planned this Sunday to visit one of the producers at Souk el Tayeb and get acquainted with the region ofEhden in which he and his family  live. A short hike in the Nature Reservefollowed by a feast at their home was on the program.

Mr. Sarkis Jeriusand his wife Leena slaughtered […]

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Chicken balls with spaghetti al-pesto


I am in the attic of this grocery store in the village of Deir el-Qamar and using their wireless internet; I mention out loud that I am thinking of spending a week in Greece later this summer; a boy of about 10 (at the most) turns around and tells me (in English)  ”  go […]

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Fish loaf with smoked salmon and basil


Prepared by charming Eva, this is the most ethereal fish pâté I have ever tasted;  the secret lies in the fact that she used only egg whites, and baked it in a water bath. It contains white fish and some smoked salmon for added color and taste along with fresh basil.


2 pounds white […]

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Eggplant Tostada


I switched from eggplant fattoush,a  salad  from our sister city, Damascus (Syria), to an eggplant tostada. Instead of making pita croutons and frying them, I figured I would save  time and effort and present the eggplant salad on a pita, grilled instead of fried. A sprinkle of halloumi (or other) cheese, not traditional, but […]

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Pan Bagnat

There is a French proverb I like: Qui se ressemble, s’assemble. (Birds of a feather flock together)
All of  the French friends I have  in the US are  from the South, in particular the city of  Nice.

I guess we have much in common.
The mediterranean, for one, the cuisine, the landscape, the outlook on  life and […]

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