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Red lentil fritters

  The challenge with these fritters is to infuse them with flavor as they tend to be bland on their own; so go ahead and add all the spices that your little heart desires and you will be rewarded with a delicious appetizer. Squeeze some citrus juice on the fritters before inhaling them, it will […]

Labneh and herb dip

A fresh dip of labneh, our daily ritual growing up in Beirut. This labneh though is modified: instead of serving it with tomatoes and herbs separately, I am combining them: one scoop with a pita triangle and you will get it all! INGREDIENTS: 12 ounces of full or low-fat yogurt 2 cloves of garlic salt, […]

Laban Ummo (lamb in yogurt sauce)

According to Fayez Aoun, (cookbook author and professor) this dish dates back to the Abbassid empire; it was called madira and was written about by Zaman (967-1007), who featured it in a tale. Laban is milk (or yogurt) in Arabic and ummo is mother; a lamb cooked in his mother’s milk? Or as I understand it, […]

Winter tabbouleh

After this past National Tabouleh day contest in Beirut’s souk el tayeb, where tabboulehs of all stripes were entered, including a lovely one with pink geranium petals, I thought I would introduce my version of winter tabbouleh. Tabbouleh is the national salad of Lebanon and our pride and joy; unfortunately most often than not misrepresented […]

Mint tea with arak

In 1988, the American Red Cross awarded the Lebanese Red Cross with a medal commending it for the best rescue effort internationally. Back then the war was still raging and casualties numbered in the thousands. Volunteers from the Lebanese Red Cross displayed heroic courage in their rescue efforts. A few years later, when the war […]