Hibiscus tea

My neighborhood Latino supermarket Fiesta sells dried hibiscus leaves in bulk, as it is popular in Mexico, where it is called Flor de Jamaica. I jumped on it and bought a big bag and have been making it as a tea (hot or iced) ever since! It is a popular...
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Kibbeh Sajiyeh

  Want to make an easy and yummy kibbeh that does not require years and years of practice or a cupboard full of spices? This is the answer! Kibbeh sajiyeh is made with Knorr Halal Seasoning and a simple shaping technique. I made this kibbeh sajiyeh using a new spice...
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Dates with semolina cream

  This dessert can be made with several dried fruits, such as prunes, dates or apricots. It is ideal when you are planning a get-together and want to have everything done ahead of time; it will last a few days in the fridge without any problem. The semolina cream does...
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Freekeh pilaf with bulgur

I noticed this recipe for a freekeh pilaf in a cookbook by Lebanese food writer Nadia Saleh, Splendours of the Levant. She had it listed in the Turkish section. She mentions it as a specialty of Southeastern Turkey. I started researching it a bit online and found out it is...
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Amardeen and milk pudding

This is a super easy and super yummy pudding with Arabic flavors. The amardeen is one of my favorite snacks and it takes me back to childhood when we would suck on it after school (this was before the world was inundated with chips and candy bars). It is also...
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Carrots and peas stew

This is an emblematic comfort food on the Lebanese table; the carrot and peas stew simmers gently in a tomato and meat-based broth, the vegetables are added halfway through, and finally the  cilantro pesto (to give the stew a spark of flavor)is thrown in the last minute. This stew (aka...
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Lentil soup vegan

Damascus Lentil Soup

This is a traditional lentil soup from Damascus, made with extra refinement as befitting a dish coming from the Syrian capital, former capital of the Umayyad Caliphate.  It is a delicious soup and combines some sweet/sour flavors. It can be served at room temperature or warm with garnishes such as...
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Stuffed grape leaves

Stuffed Grape leaves in Mexican chile salsa

I LOVE Mexican cuisine (as much as I LOVE Lebanese cuisine) and I have always been interested in the idea of fusing the two in a harmonious way. Here I am making our classic stuffed grape leaves the traditional way, but am adding some Mexican homemade salsa in the broth...
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Orange maamoul

Orange Maamoul

  Maamoul filled with orange, specifically Seville orange or bousfeyr (bitter orange), was not known in Lebanon when I grew up. The maamoul varieties made by my grandmother and countless other tétas throughout Lebanon were filled either with crushed almonds, pistachios, walnuts or date.  Maamoul with bitter orange paste is...
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