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I had a newfound appreciation for my Teta’s hard labor when I started wanting to make homemade lemonade. She would spend at least 45 minutes squeezing the lemon halves with her knuckles, which was the technique used then to extract the oil from the lemon rind. To make it taste very lemony and to […]

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Picnic Lebanese-style


I read Lebanese newspapers online every day, it has become a habit. Yesterday, I picked up an interesting titbit from L’Orient-le-jour. A group of intrepid hikers from different countries including the US were trekking from the northern tip of Lebanon all the way to the southern tip, a total of 440Km (about 300 miles). […]

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Bulgur Pilaf with chick peas and mushrooms


My son, who is 18 going on 30, announced that he was vegetarian.

I said: ” no problem, Lebanese cuisine has hundreds of vegetarian dishes! ” I immediately thought of burghul be-dfeen. Instead of lamb shanks, I will use mushrooms! Amazingly simple and hearty and delicious. He loved it. All you need is the […]

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Meat pies (Sfeeha)


One time, my grandmother Teta Nabiha came to visit us in France. She marvelled at the flowers growing by the side of the streets and how clean everything was. She went into the kitchen and in no time at all fixed some sfeeha for us. I watched her stretch the little balls of dough […]

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Chicken in bread with onions and sumac مسخن


I was driving around Dallas and stumbled on a tiny bakery with the name Phoenicia Bakery. I immediately got out of the car to investigate and met a sweet lady inside who told me she was from West Bekaa, in Lebanon; she and her husband are making traditional Lebanese bread like this markook that […]

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Mussaka Lebanese-style (Maghmoor)


This is our mussaka. It is eaten at room temperature and does not contain any meat! Totally vegetarian! Only small and sweet eggplants, onions, garlic, garbanzo beans, tomatoes and a taste of mint.

It is the kind of dish to prepare for a party because it can be made a couple days ahead and […]

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Fish and Rice Platter (Seeyadiyeh)


I could not think of a better dish to prepare for Easter than seeyadeeye! I remember  these special occasions when we had it at home  when  I would lick my lips in anticipation!  Seeyadeeye incorporates the  best fresh fish caught that day along with glistening browned rice, golden pine nuts and  a caramelized […]

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Kafta in pita

The first time I had this dish was in Lebanon when a childhood friend took me to a restaurant called Taaj El-Moulook (meaning The kings’crown) in Broummana. She had ordered it for us along with a thousand other items for our mezze. I absolutely loved it and vowed to get the recipe. […]

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Lebanese Potato salad


I love potatoes. I also love the fact that the Lebanese way of eating them is considered so healthy! Unlike the French who dress their potatoes with cream and butter, we simply squeeze  fresh lemon juice  and pour a little extra-virgin olive oil on ours. So delicious! I remember mashing them and then stuffing […]

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Almonds اللوز

When the vendors would fill their carts with fresh almonds, we knew that Spring was here. We would buy them for an after school snack and eat them whole with a sprinkle of  sea salt. So crunchy! and the white almond jewel inside was still tender and oozing its milk. So, next time you […]

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