Monthly Archives: May 2011

Goat chili with red lentils

  Goat meat is very lean, so if you are considering reducing red meat from your diet, it is a good option. You will have a bowl of this chili made with goat meat, and you will not get the usual feeling of heaviness that comes from eating fatty meat. This chili is light. It […]

Corn cake

What is Southern, easy, popular and goes with just everything? Cornbread, that’s what! I picked a recipe, added some  corn and  diced peppers and frosted it with Puck (your favorite cream cheese spread will do fine) and fresh corn. INGREDIENTS: 8 INCH CORN CAKE 1 cup of stone-ground cornmeal 1 cup of flour 1 teaspoon […]

Chocolate truffles

Chocolate is such a personal thing. I almost feel the same with chocolate as I do with perfume. I would hesitate to offer someone chocolate (as perfume) unless I knew exactly what they liked. By the way, have you heard of  Le Whif? The idea here is to sniff chocolate scent, getting a high from […]

Ham and cheese roll (Brazilian)

  Brazil is a second motherland for more Lebanese folks than there are in Lebanon; naturally, Lebanese immigrants to Brazil have imported their kibbeh and their tabbouleh to their adopted homeland; in return, they have espoused all things Brazilian. This sandwich, called enroladinho de presunto e queijo is a Brazilian version of a ham and […]

Spiced raw garbanzo beans

When garbanzos get harvested, one can find them in Lebanon sold from street vendors on the side of the road, in big bushy bunches with their tender husks; people will buy them and spend a leisurely afternoon peeling them and eating them with a glass of arak or beer. Here in the US, raw garbanzos […]