I am Joumana Accad, born and raised in Beirut, and I have been living in the US since 1979. I founded this blog in 2009 out of a burning desire to share my beloved Lebanese heritage with the world through recipes, anecdotes, and cultural tidbits. This full-time occupation is a testament of gratitude to my téta (grandmother), Sitt Nabiha (Aftimos) Zabbat, a native of Deir el-Qamar in the Chouf Mountains, who delicately handcrafted the most incredible dishes. I have tried to emulate her while raising my children in the US with the food of my native country, to give them a taste of my childhood. The more than 1,200 recipes, 45 YouTube videos, and 1,400 images answer this dilemma: What is the best way to recreate these traditional morsels within our modern time constraints? With a few sprinkles of stories and historical trivia, I have creatively interpreted classic dishes while remaining faithful to the original ingredients and techniques. Taste of Beirut is a window into the Eastern Mediterranean, where Lebanese food mingles with Turkish, Syrian, Persian, Iraqi, and Egyptian among a score of other flavors. I personally curate the original content of Taste of Beirut as well as style and photograph each and every image. A Taste of Beirut cookbook was published in September 2014, with Health Communications, Inc. I have worked both in the United States and in Lebanon as a food stylist, recipe developer, menu consultant, and cooking instructor. I have a large inventory of styled, copyrighted food images available if needed. I am interested in styling food for corporate clients and in brand sponsorships. Contact me by e-mail at or on social media.


My Book

Learn how to bring Lebanese tastes and techniques to your kitchen! Throughout the book, Joumana gives life to the rich, complex, and delicious flavors of the Middle East, teaching anyone from newbies to foodies how to master traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Inside, you will find:

-175+ Recipes
-Simple cooking tips and tricks
-Genuine Lebanese anecdotes
-How to cook Lebanese
-How to keep it vegan
-And a whole lot more!

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