Joumana Accad

Born and raised in Beirut, Joumana Accad left Lebanon for Paris (France) to complete her secondary education. She then moved to the US in 1979, obtained a bachelor degree in business administration (Cal. State University Fullerton). She settled in Texas and raised her two children while working as a school teacher. Her son and daughter now successful adults, Joumana decided to devote her life to her passions: Cooking, food writing, food styling and photography. She founded a blog in 2009, TasteofBeirut.com in which she showcased the traditions and regional cuisines of her native Lebanon and its mosaic of peoples. Meanwhile, she catered, taught classes at a health food chain, and attended the Pastry Arts program at El Centro College (Dallas).

TasteofBeirut.com garnered a loyal following and Joumana was a frequent guest on radio and television shows such as Martha Stewart, ABC radio, Daytime, FOX, LBC-Sat, Al-HURRA and others. Her blog was nominated in 2012 by Saveur magazine as Best in Regional Cuisine category. She wrote pieces in print and online media on Lebanese food traditions and her recipes were picked-up by the Readers Digest (Canada), The Daily Star (Lebanon), SheKnows.com (US), The Carton (UAE), Delicious (Holland), Sale e Pepe (Italy), shape.com, Chowhound (a CBS affiliate), shahiya.com and numerous others. As the founder of TasteofBeirut.com she worked with brands such as Sabra Dipping Co. (a subsidiary of PepsiCo.), Wild Garden (Ziyad Bros), Rotana Intl., Tanmia (Lebanon), Puck, Daiphat Foods (Taiwan) as a food stylist, photographer and consultant.

Joumana relocated to Beirut, Lebanon in 2011 in order to immerse herself in the traditional cuisine she remembered from her grandmother’s and work with local master cooks to complete research on her cookbook, published in 2014 by Health Communications, Inc. (US). Her cookbook, Taste of Beirut, has enjoyed to date the largest number of independent five-star reviews from their roster of cookbooks and is available online through Amazon and other sites as well as in major bookstores in Lebanon.

Joumana is currently dividing her time between Lebanon and Dallas (Texas). She plans to pursue food writing and blogging as well as collaboration with brands on recipe development, food styling and photography both in the US and the Middle East. She is fluent in English, French and Arabic and hopes to improve her proficiency in Spanish soon.