Veggie gratin

I am luckier than most in that I am spending my Summers in the Chouf Mountains in Lebanon and all the veggies are local or homegrown in our kitchen garden.  In any case, here is a simple dish using a bunch of veggies and a MAGGI soup mix for a quick and easy boost of flavor. The veggies can be...
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Lentil soup

This is a lentil soup that I had fun making. I love lentils, and lentil soup, but truth be told, lentil soup does get a tad, well, boring. This one is not. Its super easy to make but it has lots of textures and (compatible) flavors. I got inspired reading up on a lentil soup from Kurdistan (Iran) in Najmieh...
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Grape molasses cookies

I have been meaning to try making these cookies, simply because I consume a ton of them. They are popular in the Chouf mountains where folks like to boast of their ancestral traditions and love for their land. Grape molasses is made by taking lots of grapes (the sweetest variety) to the community press and boiling the juice with some local...
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Labneh Indian-style

I was given a bag of MAGGI Masala spice mix (Indian spice mix) and the idea occurred to me to try it with labneh as a dip; labneh and Lebanese zaatar is fine (we grew-up on the pair), but it does get a tad monotonous after 50+ years! To my surprise, this new Indian-style labneh tasted great! It has a...
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Butternut soup

Well, today was one of those days…After a twelve-hour storm came a flurry of hale, then some light snow and finally a continuous drizzle of rain. Don’t mean to bore you with a weather report, suffice it to say that I was thinking SOUP. Luckily, I had a bunch of hefty butternuts harvested a couple of months ago and thought one...
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Kabsa and a visit to Maggi

I let go of blogging for a while but I am back with more recipes and news. I was in the UAE twice in the last month, first as a guest of the Sharjah International Book Fair (this deserves a separate post) then as a guest of Maggi. Christmas is calling for immediate attention, so I will start with Maggi . Maggi is...
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