• dup-fava-yogurt-

Fava beans in yogurt sauce (Ful bel-laban)

This is a popular stew made especially in the Spring season when fava beans are freshly picked and offered on the side of the road going to the mountains or in the city’s greengrocers.  A vegetarian version can be prepared by simply omitting adding the meat (and stock) to the stew and replacing them […]

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  • fg-salad-fava-stlaks

Fava beans in the stalks with cilantro sauce (Ful akhdar ‘ateh)


Fava beans, pronounced fool in this part of the world, are a much beloved vegetable. They are made into a delicious salad when still young (and their pods still tiny), using the entire stalk. They are stir-fried in a garlic and herb sauce, smothered in olive oil, then boiled till tender. The stalks turn […]

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  • Filipino-chicken

Chicken Asian-style


A  large number of Filipinos  reside in Lebanon  and this dish is inspired by  a recipe from an article  featuring  Filipino cuisine in Fatafeat magazine (12/09 issue).

This chicken and veggie dish  belongs to the category of no-brainers, with minimum fuss and maximum flavor from the coconut milk, ginger and garlic trio.

INGREDIENTS: 6 servings

1 Chicken, […]

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  • eggeh-koussa

Zucchini fritters


A great way to use some leftover zucchini; in Lebanon, these fritters are made with the zucchini pulp leftover after they have been cored for stuffing. Simply grate or shred the zucchini in a food processor, add a bit of grated onion, garlic paste and lots of chopped herbs and fry them in olive […]

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  • soupe-au-bro-2

Green tea and broccoli soup


My mother subscribes to a French magazine, Femme Actuelle, which is always full of recipes. This is where I plucked the idea of making a broccoli soup with some green tea. Why not? Just substitute the chicken broth for the steeped green tea (minus the leaves) and that’s it!

INGREDIENTS: 6 servings

1 1/2 pounds (or […]

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  • bol-de-lentilles-rouges

Red lentil and chard soup


This soup is so easy to put together and delivers the kind of homey flavor that is the hallmark of a great winter soup.

The ingredients are thrown in the pot and left to simmer slowly; right before serving, a burst of flavor is added (garlic, olive oil and fresh lemon juice).


Recipe courtesy of […]

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  • mutabbal

Eggplant dip (M’tabbal)


Will not speak for other expats, but this is the one dish that beckons after arrival. Something about that  lemony, silky, garlicky, smokey eggplant cream is all that one needs to feel acclimated once again.


1 large shiny eggplant, about 1 pound
1 lemon
2 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp of tahini
olive oil


Char the eggplant over an open […]

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  • plate-of-eggplant

Eggplants in a pomegranate and walnut sauce


This eggplant dish is meatless however it will leave you totally satiated. The walnuts and bulgur do the trick: Paired  with fresh pomegranate juice, pomegranate molasses,  garlic and a touch of cinnamon, they deliver depth of flavor and a sweet/tart taste.

I came up with this last summer but go back to it whenever […]

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  • leb-vegan-mayo

Lebanese vegan mayo

This is a great mayo, minus the eggs, that can be prepared several days ahead for a BBQ. It consists of garlic, potato, oil and a dash of salt.

If you like mayo, but hate the thought of  raw eggs, this is for you; it has exactly the same texture as mayo, with the added […]

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  • lamb-and-hummus

Potato hummus with lamb

This should conclude my hummus week (unless I feel the urge to make yet another hummus mañana); this is a classic potato with tarator (tahini) sauce, except I used (organic) sweet potatoes.

The lamb chops are marinated briefly in lemon juice, olive oil, garlic paste, Aleppo pepper and  wild zaatar or thyme.

INGREDIENTS: Per potato (weight […]

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