Breakfast, Lebanese-style

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Mmm…This is such a lovely sight! Fresh labneh, luscious extra virgin olive oil nestled in its fold, juicy tomatoes, always a bowl of olives and of course fresh mint and some pita bread…I am in heaven! This is the traditional Lebanese breakfast that will set your day right! I tear off a piece of pita and scoop up some labneh (making sure I have included olive oil during the operation), then I direct my wrist to the bowl of olives and scoop one up then I cover it all with a slice of tomato, a sliver of cucumber, a mint leaf and open my mouth wide and immediately experience  content and joy,  the quintessential  breakfast experience, Lebanese-style.


Labneh, either store bought or homemade (see previous post for instructions)

Tomatoes, preferably heirloom as they most closely resemble the jabalyyeh variety found in Lebanon

Cucumbers, preferably so-called Persian cucumbers or pickling cucumbers or even English cucumbers, as they tend to be crispier and tastier than the usual variety offered in supermarkets in the US.

Olives, black or green, your choice.

Mint, fresh or dried and crumbled and placed in a small bowl.

Extra virgin olive oil, the best quality you can afford and preferably from Lebanon, Italy or any country in the Mediterranean region.

Pita bread


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  1. Henia says:

    After all these sweets in Ramadan, this sounds like the prefect meal … breakfast lunch or dinner!

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