Date energy cookies

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This date “energy” cookie  is a repackaging of one I made while in Lebanon, because it is easy and very popular there. It is actually even sold in bakeries, even though it is a traditional  homemade treat offered when visiting friends or relatives in their homes.

I just wanted it to look better!

This version has no added sugar, and only four ingredients: Date paste, butter and plain cookies (the type that are hard and not too sweet). The flavoring is optional but adds a nice touch. I switched the coating of the cookies to ground toasted almonds instead of shredded coconut to cut down on the sweetness. Still, even with the almonds, these date cookies taste plenty sweet!


Date energy cookies

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12 servings

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Passive Time: 1 hour


1 date paste package (14 ounces), room temperature

1/2 stick of butter (salted or unsalted), room temperature

1 tsp vanilla extract (optional), or orange blossom water or rose water or Brandy or any type of flavoring to taste (can add more, up to one tablespoon)

1 cup toasted ground almonds (or other nuts, like pistachios or walnuts or pecans)

20 to 25 Plain cookies (Marie cookies or galletas )

Utensils: Wax paper (or foil), a sharp long knife, food processor (or mixer or your hands), large sieve, baking sheet



  1. Cut the plain cookies into small squares, and set them on a large sieve to get rid of the powdered crumbs and just keep the squares neat. Set aside.
  2. Place the date paste and the cut-up butter in a food processor or mixer bowl. Process and add some flavoring such as Mexican vanilla, or Brandy or other. Scrape the date paste out and into a bowl and mix in the cookies squares gently.
  3. Transfer the date mixture onto a large sheet of foil or wax paper and shape into a log. Sprinkle with the ground nuts all around to make sure they adhere well. Seal the log with paper  and place it in the fridge for one hour or overnight. It will harden and make it easier to cut.
  4. Slice and serve.

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  1. Robert W Easton says:

    Can you suggest a cookie that might be available in the US?
    I’m wondering if Social Teas might be good.


  2. Leila says:

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!!

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