Duck breast with apples

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Perfect for a weeknight meal (speedy) yet elegant enough for a sit-down dinner. To coat the apples and duck use a superlative honey ( I used that jar of grape molasses on the left) or apple molasses.

INGREDIENTS: 4 servings

  • 2 duck breasts
  • 4 apples, peeled and sliced 
  • 1/2 stick of unsalted butter (or more as needed)+ 1 tbsp of oil
  • 1/2 cup of grape molasses or apple molasses or honey or raw sugar
  • salt, freshly cracked pepper to taste (I used pink peppercorns with the black)
  1. Melt 4 tablespoons of butter in a skillet till frothy with a tablespoon of oil; salt and pepper the ducks and place them  skin side on the butter and fry for 10 minutes; turn and fry on the other side 2 to 5 minutes depending on how well-done you like it. 
  2. While the ducks are cooking, melt the remaining butter and  add the  molasses or honey in another skillet and add the apple slices, flipping them once to coat them in the sauce; cook gently a few minutes till tender. Slice the duck breasts thinly and serve surrounded by the apple slices. 
This recipe is inspired by several online French cooking sites in which the duck and apples are cooked in butter and honey.


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  1. Belinda @zomppa says:

    What an incredible combination with the honey and apples! Gosh, I haven’t had duck in so long….

  2. Rosa says:

    Lovely dish! A marvelous combination.



  3. serena says:

    That’s a very uncommon combination for me!
    I ve never cooked duck but your plate looks very inviting and a good reason to try it!
    I ve followed your blog since not so long but I really like it! Mabrouk 3aleik!

  4. Alice says:

    I usually don’t like fruit mixed with my meat, but this was DELICIOUS!!!

  5. Nuts about food says:

    I am so far behind, am going to go back and make sure that I don’t miss a single of your posts. I love this duck recipe, delicious. Off to bookmark some more.

  6. deana says:

    Funny, I was just reading an old cookbook and saw an apple-based sauce for duck or goose that looked awesome… and there you made something like it! Looks gorgeous!

  7. Alaiyo Kiasi says:

    Hey Joumana!

    Apples are such a versatile ingredient, and they combine well with nearly anything sweet or savory. This is a wonderful looking dish. I’m wondering, will you be posting a banner that says you’re a finalist in the Saveur Magazine awards?


  8. Susan says:

    I absolutely love duck and this preparation is wonderful with the apples and honey!

  9. Claudia says:

    I’ve never made duck. Something about their cute quacking… but I do love the combination of the fruit with rare meat. There are two ducks right now outside on my shed…. Hmmmmm.

  10. Louise says:

    This dish looks so fabulous- the molasses would be fantastic I think, I must try to buy some, this is a dish I could do.

  11. Karen says:

    This sounds like a great dish to prepare this fall when the apples in my orchard are ripe.

  12. Oui, Chef says:

    I just ordered some moulard breasts from D’Artagnan, can’t wait for them to get here so I can use some in this delicious dish.

  13. Jamie says:

    I love meat with fruit! Always have! We usually make veal with apples but I am loving the idea of duck breast with apples. Stunning! And easy? Yay! Fabulous dish!

  14. domi says:

    Un plat savoureux fait pour moi, à mettre dans un ” coin, coin “

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