Furnace in traditional home (Sobiyah)

November 26, 2014  •  Category: ,


In most traditional homes in the Lebanese rural areas, this furnace (sobiyah) is used to heat the home. It is also used to make tea or heat food. A few logs are swiftly lit-up and it feels toasty warm within minutes. Now the family, neighbors and friends can gather around, sip on some tea or maté (if in the Chouf mountains) and visit.


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  1. Amira Mourad says:

    It is used mainly on Sundays where all the family and friends gather around it to grill meat, onions and potatoes :). Its the tastiest ever !!!!

  2. veb says:

    J’adore la cuisson au feu de bois, c’est unique, magique, savoureux;

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