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Happy Eid el-Adha 2014.

This ice-cream flavor (loukoum+vanilla) was created by Nayla, a former schoolmate, who is now head of one of the most successful ice-cream businesses in Beirut. I remember my disbelief when I first came back here and heard about her ice-cream venture; I remembered her being on a diet, I used to accompany her for  three months to her home and eat lunch with her; we weren’t friends, we did not have conversations like people who want to be friends, we just would get in the taxis-service (common method of transport here), go to her place and eat; it was always the same dish: Viennese scallops and coleslaw. Every day. Thinking back now, I was probably unwittingly Nayla’s designated  bodyguard (just surmising);  that  lasted three months until one day, while riding the taxi,  sniper fire got too intense and we had to duck to avoid catching bullets. After this episode, I stopped going to school and eating the Viennese breaded scallops at her house and never saw her again. 

We tried this flavor at a restaurant in our neighborhood and my daughter loved it; it was actually rose-flavored loukoum; here I used mastic-flavored loukoum that I mixed with vanilla ice-cream. Any flavor works! it is just that simple. 


2 cups vanilla ice-cream

8 Loukoum, flavor of your choice

1. 30 minutes before serving the ice-cream, cut-up the loukoum and mix it with the ice-cream; place back in the freezer. Serve in individual bowls. 

NOTE: I have noticed that the ice-cream ordered at restaurants ends up with the loukoum’s texture being too hard, which is why I’d try to do the mixing as close to serving as possible. 

loukoum cream







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  1. Rosa says:

    That ice cream looks terrific! Something for me (I love loukoum, especially the honey-flavored ones).



  2. Hélène (Cannes) says:

    Les souvenirs reviennet, lorsque l’on tient un blog … Bon, je t’avouerai que je préfère ton gâteau de pommes de terre et cette glace extraordinaire aux escalopes viennoises ! ;o)

  3. Margaret says:

    This looks great – but what is a loukoum?

    • Joumana says:

      @margaret: I need to have a loukoum post! a loukoum is a candy popular in the middle east and Turkey, where I believe it originated. it is like taffy, flavored with rose water usually and story goes that ladies used to eat it in the Sultan’s harem..

  4. Chiara says:

    this ice cream looks so delicious !

  5. Alicia (foodycat) says:

    Eid Mubarak to any of your readers who observe!

    Loukoum is usually known as Turkish Delight in the West – would that name be more familiar to people?

  6. Priya says:

    A def good icecream with some munch .Just now saw the wikipedia its a famous turkish food.Lovely colors.

  7. Oui, Chef says:

    I do believe we still have some loukoum left from our trip to Istanbul….lucky me!

  8. s says:

    Joumana – what is “taxis-service”? I love loukoum, I want to get an ice cream maker at home, but my husband thinks that there is now space in the home either for him, or a new kitchen gadget 🙂 Hope you’ve been well x s

    • Joumana says:

      @Shayma: Haha, you crack me up! OK I did buy an ice-cream maker and I will admit, even without a husband, that thing is sitting in a cupboard accumulating dust. I mean, it is hard to get motivated to do all this work when there’s so many people willing to do it for you; a tax-service is the method of transport here in Lebanon and especially in Beirut; it is a car with a chauffeur going around and around; you flag him and share a ride with up to 4 other people for about US$1.25. They go just about everywhere and if that’s not far enough, then you hop on another one to get where you need to get.

  9. Kitchen Butterfly says:

    Wow. Such lovely ice cream. I LOVE the combination, and I can’t wait to get some loukoum to give it a go!

    I was shocked at the sniper fire bit. You always think these things happen to people ‘far, far, away’.

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