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Found this in a Beirut supermarket; it is a rolling pin with stationary blades (one inch or so apart).

Can anybody guess what it is used for?


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  1. Emily Burns says:

    A pasta or noodle cutter?

  2. Rosa says:

    For making pasta?



  3. doggybloggy says:

    cutting pasta into even sizes?

  4. Rachel K says:

    I am stumped! Is it for cutting pasta? Or strips of pastry?

  5. Italian Notes says:

    I use it for making fettuccine, pie stripes and the like.

    • Joumana says:

      @Italian notes: it is too wide for fettuccine; perfect for even-shaped manti
      @Rachel K. It is for cutting pasta into a square, hundreds of squares for manti
      @doggybloggy: you are right, you cut one way then perpendicular and you get the perfect square for manti
      @Rosa: right the pasta is called manti

  6. Belinda @zomppa says:

    Huh. Stationary? I was going to say a pastry cutter – like to separate filo dough….

  7. Tom @ Tall Clover says:

    Guess one: I’m going with a tool to cut phyllo dough.
    Guess two: Something to shake at a spouse to get him to take the garbage out.

  8. Liz says:

    Is it to cut the dough into even strips 🙂

  9. Alaiyo Kiasi says:

    I, too am thinking a pasta, but I don’t think that pasta is part of Lebanese cuisine, right? Perhaps bread or cheese for finger foods?


  10. Shreela says:

    Twisty bread?
    Spiral wraps for sausages?

  11. familycook says:

    What a coincidence, I saw this video on youtube on how to make peanut brittle (chikki) in India. This guy has used this tool to cut the brittle into small pieces.

    Take a look

  12. elz0oz says:

    it is used to cut a dough in even width,
    like if you are doing a phylo dough, you need to use this tool to cut the dough…
    hope it explains the thing

  13. ummomar says:

    This kind of peanut sweets are very popular I think all over the arab world, specially in the times of feast. But living in Egypt for many years now, I have never heard of or seen anyone making it at home. It is always bought from special shops.

  14. Steve @ HPD says:

    Going to have to go with pasta slicer? But it wouldn’t be super-efficient to have a specialized tool that only made fixed-width pasta … unless it was for ravioli? Two slices?

  15. deana says:

    Yeah, looks like noodle cutter to me!!

  16. Tobias says:

    Hmmm, for Baklava, maybe?

  17. Saba Ammari says:


  18. Coleen says:

    A pasta cutter! I’ve been looking for one and can’t seem to find one in the Atlanta, GA area. I think there are some where you can adjust the width of the pasta. I am looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

  19. sare says:

    :)) It’s for making our delicious dish,Turkish MANTI. As you know Mantı is;stuffed mince meat in square shape pasta, and boil in boiling salty water then put onmantı-pasta the plate you can serve them yogurt with garlic and tomato sauce. The important thing is What for you’ll use it.

    • Joumana says:

      @Sare: You got it! The label said “Mantimatik”.

      @Coleen: You are right, it is for cutting pasta but it is stationary because it is meant for one specific pasta only : Manti
      @Saba: Close, the Turkish or Armenian version, manti!
      @Tobias: Not for baklava, but could be used to cut phyllo for sure!
      @Deana: it is for a noodle, manti; the other pasta cutter have adjustable blades
      @Steve: You are right, specifically for manti which is made with pasta dough and stuffed like an open ravioli

      @Shreela:Could be used for these purposes I suppose! However here it is for manti only
      @Alaiyo: You are right, again it is specificallly for manti
      @Liz: You are right too, it will cut the manti into an even square
      @Tom: Sorry but love your ideas!

  20. Robyn Kalajian says:

    Joumana, is there a place to purchase the mantimatik in the US? BTW, I love the name!

  21. Jamie says:

    Although I love Tom’s answer, I’d go for pasta cutter too. Very cool!

  22. Chris at HyeThymeCaf says:

    I was thinking papardelle – a very wide noodle. That would have come in very handy when I made Manti. I think I used a pizza wheel, but I tend to wobble when I do that and don’t always get even lines. You could probably use it for halva too, if you inverted it out of the pan first. Or heck, even fudge. Hmmmm … I think I might have to keep an eye out for one of these. 🙂

  23. Magic of Spice says:

    I would have guessed to cut pasta…very cool gadget 🙂

  24. Asma says:

    It can also used as a herb cutter roller or as a sugar craft tool for strip and ribbon cuttings

  25. robertson fontaine says:

    i would like to buy one like this

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