Pistachio brownies

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This time of year, we’d be getting fresh pistachios called Aleppo’s pistachios (fustuk halabi), and nibble on them for hours on a lazy summer afternoon.

These brownies are a sort of cream cheese brownie, except the cheese  is combined with (homemade) pistachio paste. Get some hulled pistachios and make the paste ahead of time. It will keep for weeks in the fridge, tightly wrapped.

Precision: I made these using a pistachio pasta made with roasted pistachios.

For a pistachio paste recipe, click here.


For the brownie layer

  • 2 large eggs
  • 3/4 cup (scoop into measuring cup) all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
  • dash of salt
  • 4 ounces of unsalted butter
  • 4 ounces of  semisweet chocolate
  • 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup of sugar

For the pistachio cream:

  • 3 ounces of Kiri or cream cheese
  • 4 1/2 ounces of pistachio paste (click here for the recipe)
  • 1 large egg


  1. Melt the butter and chocolate. Set aside. Mix the flour, cocoa powder, salt, baking powder.
  2. In a large bowl, mix the eggs and 3/4 cup of sugar until the mixture is thick and pale yellow, about 5 minutes. Add the melted chocolate and butter mixture and vanilla. Mix well. Add the flour mixture through a sieve and mix to combine.
  3. In a food processor bowl, place the cream cheese, pistachio paste and egg. Process until the mixture is smooth, about 2 minutes. In an 8 inch brownie pan, place a piece of parchment paper.
  4. Pour half the brownie batter, then the pistachio batter by spoonfuls; pour the remaining brownie batter. Bake in a 350F oven for 20 to 25 minutes, until puffed. Test the cake with a toothpick. Cool and serve.


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  1. Jojo says:

    Okay, these look amazing! I just interrupted my husband’s evening viewing to take a look at these. If they taste half as good as they look…

  2. Suman Singh says:

    Never had this, but it sounds pretty delicious and looks amazing..

  3. Lentil Breakdown says:

    Wow, so gorgeous! I made hazelnut paste by scratch for a cake, and it was surprisingly easy. Love cream cheese brownies too, so these are right up my alley. (BTW: your second pistachio link doesn’t work. Is it the same as the first?).

  4. Hélène (Cannes) says:

    Ah, mon retour chez toi après mes vacances se fait décidément sous le signe de la gourmandise ! J’en suis ravie ! ;o)
    PS : J’adore le kiri et en voir chez toi me plaît bien aussi … ;o)

  5. sare says:

    I like pistchio , thank you all new recipes, contain them.I believe ıt’ll be good after dinner besides Türkish coffee with cardamon at Ramadan days.

  6. Rosa says:

    Oh, what a gorgeous treat! Devilishly scrummy.



  7. Banana Wonder says:

    I want I want I want! Pistachios are my favorite and I have never seen them in a brownie like this… genius! Ps. I just some some of your youtube videos – you need to have your own show on regular TV.

  8. Italian Notes says:

    Looks delicious.- and very colourful.

  9. Priya says:

    Seriously cant take my eyes from those fabulous bites, stunning brownies!

  10. Cristina says:

    These look so beautiful! I love pistachios but where I live it’s very hard to find good quality unsalted pistachios for cooking…pity 🙁

  11. lisaiscooking says:

    These look so great! Love the color of the pistachio cream. And, I love pistachios. Must try!

  12. Murasaki Shikibu says:

    I can’t get goo pistachio here. When I tried making something with pistachio once, it turned out brown. Wish I could get nice ones…

  13. Devaki says:

    Oh my goodness – how do you do this Joumana – always come up with THE MOST AMAZING recipes. I want to eat every one of your dishes. But, pistachio and chocolate….ooh…..decadence layered over decadence.

    Fantastic dear!

    chow 🙂 Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  14. Heavenly Housewife says:

    OH how wonderful! I just love anything with pistachios. These look so yummy but also very unusual. That green colour is just fabulous.
    *kisses* HH

  15. Cherine says:

    Wow those brownies look devilishly good!!!!

  16. Maria @ Scandifoodie says:

    My goodness they look amazing! I love the colour pistachios give to these brownies!

  17. kim says:

    Pistachio is my mom’s favorite nut (mine is almond through and through). This brownie looks so vibrant and appealing.

  18. superchick says:

    great very good

  19. superchick says:

    and you cook this but are so slim and pretty, how do you join

  20. Louise says:

    This looks so amazing. I’ve learnt to quite love pistachios in the last few years, after no having them all that much before. I bet that pistachio paste is incredible.

  21. Susan says:

    I love pistachios over any other nut on the planet. I know I would adore these brownies! I love the color of them and your photos are great.

  22. grace says:

    i love the flavor of pistachios, and they make a vibrant and tasty addition here–excellent recipe!

  23. Mercotte says:

    quelle chance d’avoir des pistaches fraîches, et la couleur de tes brownies est superbe ! ça donne tout à fait envie, on fera avec ce qu’on a, on en trouve ici des siciliennes qui ne sont pas si mal !

  24. Evelyne@CEE says:

    I think I have already said a million times in comments here how much I adore pistachios, this dessert is over the top. Wow, I so want to eat this very very badly.

  25. Susan says:

    I saw this post the other day and was ready to comment when I was distracted by a phone call. The addition of pistachio cream in these brownies sounds delightful. Not only that but they look beautiful!

  26. Hilla says:

    Wow, Joumana, these look amazing!!! I love all the interesting twists and surprises in your fusion recipes.

  27. Zo @ Two Spoons says:

    Wow that green jolt looks stunning, and just thinking about the flavours and textures…mmm. Thanks for this!

  28. Sasha says:

    Ive never seen a recipe like this, it looks simply divine! i mustMUST try this soon 🙂

  29. Alépine says:

    Qu’est-ce qu’ils donnent envie ! Ta crème de pistache est très originale !

  30. Oui, Chef says:

    My 16 year old son’s favorite birthday cake is a chocolate-pistachio log I learned how to make at LCB. I can’t wait to make these for him, he’ll love them!

  31. Caffettiera says:

    Hmm, fresh pistachios! I never tried them. I bet these brownies are the next best thing.

  32. betty says:

    these look soooo good!

  33. sare says:

    Dear Joumana, I made this excellent cake.I had a lot of compliment from my friends. Thank you.

  34. Alexia says:

    Oh my…Its been a long time since I came across a recipe I absolutely HAVE to try! This is one of them for sure. Great blog too. Greetings from London

  35. Lysisca says:

    Hello, I don’t know hox I arrived here, but this day is beautiful. Your blog is ‘stimulant’ ( I don’t speak english!).
    Je teste aujourd’hui cette recette malheureusement je ne sais pas où trouver des pistaches fraiches ici ( j’ai un pistachier dans mon jardin mais il n’a pas eu de fruits!), alors je me suis contentée de pâte de pistache avec pistache sèches! L’odeur qui sort du four est à tomber!
    J’ai repéré d’autres recettes je vais revenir!!!

  36. michelle says:

    I am starting to feel like a blog stalker! I made these last week and loved them! I was lazy and ordered my pistachio paste online. My whole family loved these and they were fun to make, too! Maybe I will make another batch with the rest of the paste.

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