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O wonders of nature! In a country like Lebanon, anything and everything is a source of culinary delight: take these prickly pears, called sobbayre. We used to buy them from street  vendors, who would keep them cold by loading a huge block of ice on their wooden cart. The vendors would peel the fruit for you to order and you did not have to mess with the tiny thorns; this time I wanted to do the job myself. Fairly easy to do but it is imperative to wear heavy-duty rubber gloves!


  1. Soak the fruits for a few seconds (or longer) in a basin of water; wear rubber gloves and grab a sharp knife; place each fruit on a cutting board and cut off the top and the base; peel the sides.
  2. Keep stored in the fridge. Eat cold.

Last but not least, the folks atSouk el Tayeb are organizing a fabulously interesting trip this Sunday, August 8; an outing to two important towns in South Lebanon, Nabatiyeh and Marjeyoun; a unique chance to meet a  local producer of zaatarand sample Southern Lebanese cuisine.

Check below for details:

Tnen b’ wahad / Two in one …

Enjoy 2 wonderful events this Sunday, August 8, and join us at Marjeyoun Ya Omri – Food & Feast, and at Zaatar Zawtar – Ahla w Sahla in Abu Kassem’ wonderful organic thyme orchards.

As Marjeyoun & Zawtar (Nabatiyeh) are close by, we are organizing a combined visit for both events.

Departure at 9:00 a.m. from Souk El Tayeb’ parking – Saifi.

Drive your car, and bring your own picnic (food&Drink), a blanket and loads of fun with you!

NOTE: All Non Lebanese passport holders, please provide Souk El Tayeb with your name and passport’ number by Friday, August 6 maximum, by calling 01 442 664 (from 9:00 to 5:00)

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