Stuffed artichoke hearts (Artichauds Cerdagne)

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Artichoke stuffed

This recipe was given to me by my aunt Claire. She married a French man (perhaps her first name predisposed her) and she was ever the dutiful wife, fixing him a meal from scratch every day. This one was amongst his favorites; I was told he used to request it for their dinner parties to serve as an appetizer (they used to entertain once a week). It is very simple, consisting of artichoke bottoms drizzled in a sauce resembling a tapénade. I would not use the (tasteless) artichoke hearts one finds in cans, but real artichokes or at least a good brand of artichoke bottoms (in a jar or frozen). Luckily here in Beirut a friend introduced me to a greengrocer who preps the artichokes and sells them. In the US, I would either do the job myself or buy them already cleaned-up and frozen.

INGREDIENTS: 12 servings

12 artichokes, pared to the bottoms (or artichoke bottoms), boiled and drained and kept warm

6 anchovy fillets (or one heaping tablespoon anchovy paste)

1 tablespoon garlic paste (mashed in a mortar or processor)

1 shallot chopped fine (or small white onion)

several sprigs of parsley, chopped fine (or a mixture of herbs including basil)

1/4 cup green olives, pitted and chopped

1/2 cup white wine

1/3 cup breadcrumbs or grated parmesan

1/2 cup olive oil

1. Fry the onion or shallot in the olive oil, in a skillet set over medium heat. Add the garlic and anchovy and wine and simmer for a few minutes till the wine reduces; add the breadcrumbs and stir a bit until  the sauce thickens. Add the olives and parsley and drizzle over the artichokes. Serve immediately.

NOTE: The recipe does not call for breadcrumbs or parmesan. I added it to add body to the sauce.




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  1. sue|theviewfromgreatisland says:

    These look phenomenal, now all I need to do is find one of those great green grocers to prep the hearts for me!

  2. Nadege says:

    They do look amazing!

  3. Susan says:

    I wish we could buy artichoke bottoms like that here! They are my favorite part of the artichoke and I relish finally getting down it the bottom when I make artichokes at home. These would be worth the effort for a small dinner party, though.

  4. Krista says:

    How wonderful! I absolutely adore artichokes but rarely find them in Australia. Thankfully I’ve got four plants started now and will hopefully have a stead supply in the near future. 🙂

  5. Oui, Chef says:

    Fresh artichoke bottoms are such a treat, worth every bit of work to prepare them.

  6. Joumana says:

    @Susan: I am positive it will happen, the US marketplace has changed (improved) so much in the last 30 years! In the meantime, the bottoms are sold frozen (in Middle eastern markets) or in jars in the mainstream supermarkets. Of course, freshly plucked artichokes are still the best.

    @Oui, Chef: I agree

    @Krista: Best of luck! Hope you get a ton!
    @Sue: the view from greatisland: Hope you do!
    @Nadège: They taste yummy, they melt in the mouth.

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