Stuffed dates on raspberry coulis

March 5, 2015  •  Category:

Date snack

I love dates. Is there a better snack to start or end the day with? I can’t find one. The good news is one can find fantastic dates in California or, of course, in the traditional date-producing countries like Egypt, Iran or KSA. Iraq alone used to have several hundred (if not thousands) of varieties at one time. In Beirut, I stumbled on a shop selling…just dates. The variety I found (amongst dozens of others) is imported from KSA and is golden and literally melts in the mouth. Heavenly.

This is a simple-as-can-be sweet bite, with a date, stuffed with an almond, resting on a pool of berry coulis (or diluted jam), with a snippet of whipped cream.


6 large and moist dates (such as Medjool or Deglet Noor or other variety)

6 whole almonds, preferably toasted

1 cup of berry coulis (purée in a blender 3/4 cup berries, plus 1/4 cup of powdered sugar and a teaspoon of lemon or orange juice)

Whipped cream (optional, I used a can)

1. Pit the dates and stuff each with an almond. Pour a couple of tablespoons of coulis on the dessert spoon, place the date and when serving, a bit of whipped cream on top.


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  1. leaf (the indolent cook) says:

    I love the look of these! Simple, yet gorgeous and vibrant. And I’m so impressed that there is a shop that sells only dates!

  2. danielle says:

    Hi Joumana! Where’s the date shop you discovered in Beirut? Would love to explore it.

  3. Joumana says:

    @leaf (the indolent cook), thanks and yes, with the varieties of date in the Middle East, it make sense for a shop to be sustained just with dates 1

    @danielle: It is in Aishe Bakkar. I will go there this week and see if it is still there and give you their number

    @lara: Merci, c’est si gentil de me le signaler! 🙂

  4. lara says:

    Coucou .j espère que vous avez passé un bon weekend.hier je feuilletais votre livre avec mon cousin ( français mais qui adore la cuisine libanaise ) alors d un coup il me dit ” est ce qu on peut passer commande? Est ce qu elle fait des livraisons en france? ” .je n ai pas pu l empêcher de vous le dire.bonne continuation et à la prochaine recette .bises

  5. MyKabulKitchen says:

    Dates are one of my favorite foods…so rich and satisfy my sweets-cravings, these desserts are such a wonderful and easy idea!

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